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Minister plans strategy to halt epidemic

26 Apr, 2012 04:00 AM

THE State government is working on a new Draft Wild Dog Management Strategy, which it hopes will halt the wild dog epidemic.

Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson said she hoped the strategy would address the exploding wild dog population and related livestock predation.

“It is going to bring together all of the key parties that should be involved in wild dog management,” Ms Hodgkinson (pictured) said.

“That is being developed. We’re very concerned about the ongoing problem of wild dog control and the losses to our livestock industries.

“We’ve had such good seasons over the past couple of years that seem to have led to an increase in wild dog numbers.”

Ms Hodgkinson said a nil-tenure approach to wild dog control would be addressed.

“When the Wild Dog Management Strategy is actually released, those sorts of issues will be addressed,” she said.

“In the meantime, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Forestries NSW and the Livestock Health and Pest Authorities are all aware of their obligations to help control wild dogs, and they should definitely be working co-operatively.

“If that’s not the case in specific areas, I want to know about it.

“People can contact my office if they do not believe that is happening in their area.”

Ms Hodgkinson said the issue of wild dogs was close to home, as it was something landholders regularly dealt with in her electorate of Burrinjuck.

“I am determined to do all I can – and to make sure the department does all it can – to ensure we’ve got the right mix of control,” she said.

“It’s not just about aerial baiting; you’ve got to have trapping and you’ve got to have shooting to make sure that we really get on top of this problem.”

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farmer Barb
26/04/2012 2:51:51 PM, on The Land

Under Qld Law as it stands at present, pure dingos that live in Forestry or National Parks are protected as a 'forestry resource'. There is a forestry reserve about 6kl form my property. I have to bait constantly and last night I heard a pack of them howling in the back paddock so that is what I will be doing this afternoon before they hit my new calves and what is left of my stud Boer goat herd. Now down to 37 from 182 last year. It has been a constant batttle during the past 20 years to keep them under control- a battle that I am losing.
26/04/2012 9:36:43 PM, on The Land

If the NSW Govt. is fair dinkum about eradicating Wild Dogs, the DPI Ministers 1st move should be to abolish the Schedule 2 Dingo Protection areas in National Parks and State Forests across the state. While ever these Schedule 2 areas exist, eradication is un-attainable. Her next move is to impose heavy fines for non-compliance with the RLPB Act which states that Pest Animals must be continually suppressed and destroyed. Landholder apathy is a huge part of the problem, exacerbated by Shedule 2.
27/04/2012 9:38:26 AM, on The Land

Requiring landholders to take action to benefit others has always produced problems; particularly when the landholder receives no benefit. Put sufficient bounty on wild dogs for professional hunters to make money and it will happen. Regulations’ requiring one person to act in another’s benefit produces, at best, mediocre results – at worst constant aggravation between landholders and with regulators.
27/04/2012 10:52:05 AM, on The Land

My sympathies to the landholders who suffer with these vermin. While we do not have wild dogs as a problem, we have feral pigs. I need to ask: where is the LHPA in all this? Our rates have increased by approx 15% annually but we have neither seen nor heard of a "ranger" for over 6 years. We have asked for a co-ordinated bating plan to be organised in our district targetting both pigs & rabbits but the LHPA refuse to assist. If the LHPA rangers are not for the control of pests & weeds, what are they for? Perhaps Ms Hodgkinson could answer this.
30/04/2012 4:43:07 PM, on The Land

Any strategy to address the wild dog problem in NSW (as elsewhere in Australia) begins with a recognition that this is no longer an issue about protecting dingoes. It is well established that a pure dingo is at best a myth. Out of control now for decades wild dogs have harmed not only wildlife but decimated our local and national wool flocks. This problem was created by governments chasing 'green' votes and must be addressed first on all public lands - regulations and policies for wild dog population control must be re assessed and effective landscape wide control implemented immediately.


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