Red meat to Middle East lifts

10 Jun, 2013 05:33 PM

RECORD beef and lamb exports have propelled Australian red meat exports to the Middle East to new heights.

Meat and Livestock Australia reports that Australia’s red meat exports to the Middle East in May totalled 16,492 tonnes (shipped weight), a 46 per cent increase year-on-year and 7pc above the previous record set in April 2013.

Beef exports totalled 6226 tonnes in May, up 166pc year-on-year, while lamb shipments reached 5955 tonnes, up 37pc.

The growth in beef exports has been driven by a surge in shipments to Saudi Arabia, with exports totalling 3733 tonnes in May, or 61pc of total monthly beef exports to the region.

A Saudi Arabian ban on Brazilian beef in late 2012 has been the catalyst for the growth, according to MLA.

Brazil exported 33,396 tonnes of beef to Saudi Arabia in 2012, with its absence providing opportunities for Australian beef to gain market share.

Exports of beef to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Jordan, Australia’s largest and second largest beef markets in the Middle East during 2012, respectively, have slowed somewhat in 2013, as Brazilian product is reportedly diverted to these markets.

Record lamb shipments in May were spurred by strong growth to the UAE with 1409 tonnes, a 35pc increase year-on-year, Jordan with 1961 tonnes, a 48pc increase, and Bahrain with 1185 tonnes, up from 50 tonnes in May 2012.

The increase is dramatic given that 10 years ago in May 2003, Australian red meat exports to the region totalled 3319 tonnes. Beef exports were a mere 301 tonnes compared to the 6226 tonnes of beef shipped in May this year.

Meat & Livestock Australia
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100% Vegan
10/06/2013 9:46:35 PM

You simply can't allow more people to get a taste for meat. It is totally barbaric to be eating meat in the year 2013! Government legislation needs to be enacted to ban meat from both being produced and being sold. There are plenty of soybean substitutes available for the world's meat eaters.
Real Deal
11/06/2013 12:04:11 AM

Not enough space in this article to mention the explosion in demand for Australian chilled & boxed meat as well apparently. The live exporters must be getting close to running out of excuses to tell producers.
11/06/2013 8:40:14 AM

The AA movement has Australia's abattoir capacity on its list of targets. But first they have had to flood southern markets with cheap northern beef. Once southern farmers have been forced by attractive grain economics away from livestock, the nation's abattoir capacity will once again face a wave of foreclosures. Don't be surprised to see the live trade temporarily open up to suck the remainder of stock away from the abattoir before another 'dodgy' kill video deals the final blow. Can't buy an abattoir now, won't able to give them away later. Keep blowing financial bubbles.
11/06/2013 9:49:11 AM

The comment by 100% vegan typifies how completely naïve and out of touch these people and organisations are. Do they really expect consumers in the Arab world to take the slightest bit of notice what some anti-meat organisation comes out with? Australia’s increased exports to Saudi Arabia have only come from a ban on US and Brazilian beef, and will continue to be strong while this ban remains is in place. Australia’s reputation for providing high quality and safe product should not be undermined by minority groups preaching slogans and farfetched ideals.
animal activist
11/06/2013 10:51:35 AM

No! but they will take notice of unaffordable prices and bare supermarket shelves just as has happened in Jakarta! Our war will be won on high prices in export markets and supermarkets and low prices at the farm gate. Not easy working against market forces and that is where govt comes in very handy..
11/06/2013 1:26:58 PM

I wonder what 100% vegan and animal activist propose we do with all the animals in the world if we are not to eat them ?? Please tell us, I could use a laugh today !!!
11/06/2013 2:35:26 PM

Bahahaha, Animal activist, you are one funny kid. Totally delusional, but hey amusing none the less!
11/06/2013 4:02:46 PM

"Real Deal" should go and see what prices people supplying abattoirs are getting for their animals... Of course you can supply lots of beef overseas when you are selling it for 1990 prices.. Just imagine if the average Australian got paid 1990 wages, bet there would be some complaints.
john from tamworth
11/06/2013 5:19:23 PM

AA, your grand plan certainly seems to be playing out according to script. Could you tell us which agencies in the government are providing you with assistance?
11/06/2013 7:18:57 PM

Gee we had better let the AA of the chain again, and real soon too boot. Each time they find a old video about killing sheep, or get their mates from the ABC on the case, BINGO the export market hits all time new record levels. Wonder how the AA export Soya bean sausages market is fairing of late.....
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Yep John the desperate policies of desperate governments, of both persuasion, to "create"
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Not sure what point you're trying to make Frank. We all know what the Coalition haven't done re
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NLIS is an arrangement thru COAG, including signed national agreements with the State