Foodbank wants your grain

15 Sep, 2013 04:00 AM

SUPPORT is building for the grain industry's commitment to donate 3000 tonnes of grain a year to Foodbank.

GrainCorp and CBH are on board with the plan and in-principle support has been received from Grain Producers Australia, Viterra, Cargill and Emerald.

Grain Trade Australia (GTA) announced the initiative at the Australian Grain Industry Conference in Melbourne last month.

A Foodbank Grain Industry Consultative Group comprising representatives from all sectors of the industry including bulk handlers, traders, producers and a variety of end users, has been set up to help facilitate donations.

GTA chairman Peter Reading is encouraging individuals and companies along the supply chain to participate, with information now available on GTA?'s website on how to get involved.

"For growers, it will be as simple as transferring an amount of grain from their national grower registration (NGR) number to Foodbank. A tax receipt will be issued once the process is complete," Mr Reading said.

"Even a couple of tonnes of grain will make a huge difference, if enough people participate," he said.

"Storage providers can donate themselves, or provide an accumulation point for donations made by others, as well as encouraging participation through communication with growers during harvest.

"Likewise, traders can do things like establish a Foodbank account, promote the program and cover levy costs for donations, or they may choose to donate small parcels of grain left over at various sites at the conclusion of physical execution of contracts."

The transport industry could get involved by donating freight services once the grain had been collected.

Foodbank is a non-denominational, non-profit organisation which acts as a pantry to the welfare sector of Australia.

It is the largest food relief charity in the country, providing enough food for 88,000 meals a day to people in hardship.

As the essential component of staple foods such as bread, breakfast cereal and pasta, Foodbank believes the target of 3000 tonnes of grain a year will go a long way to helping meet its commitment of doubling the amount of food available for distribution and ensuring no one who sought food assistance was turned away empty handed.

The Foodbank page on GTA's website will host many of the resources needed to facilitate the trade's involvement in the program.

It will also provide regular updates and information to members on the progress of the program.

  • For information on how to become involved visit
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    16/09/2013 10:02:02 AM

    All very noble....but what type of grain? and I assume that the benefactors will not be eating raw grain, so what's the plan to process this grain and into what product? Surely someone has thought about this, or are they just looking for a cash injection of $600K?


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    Interesting days! Perhaps M.G. is getting it right. More than Bonlac did. Naturally Fonterra is
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    The good Senators could initiate the disallowance motion, but it seems even the Greens won't do
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    Excellent plan. Can we do it wherever we have previously sent live exports?