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Riding the tail of the dragon


Cashing in without selling out: NSW is ideally positioned to meet booming demand from China for produce ranging from wheat, wool, cotton, beef, lamb and dairy, to niche products like walnuts and wine.

Dishing up to fine China: MEET the team helping to drive Australian beef and lamb into the rapidly developing and increasingly affluent Chinese market.

China to drive wool revival: THE Australian wool revival is set to rely on the success of China, with Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) predicting demand for all microns to grow in the country.

Cheers, China: wine exports up 65pc: INCREASINGLY affluent Chinese are developing a taste for quality wine, according to Professor Zhangyue Zhou, director of the Centre for AusAsia Business Studies at James Cook University.


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Because it is now in control of economic neanderthals and vandals, G Man.
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You are correct, VivKay. In Australia, Dr Fischer "attributed a declining rate of crop
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Well said VivKay. The world is no different to a farm - if you are over stocked your in