Carlow cows to $13,000

Two females top $13,000

Equal top $13,000 female, Kidman Countess J036 (P) with Nelson Carlow; buyers Felicity and Graham Reeves, and Landmark Dubbo's John Settree.

Equal top $13,000 female, Kidman Countess J036 (P) with Nelson Carlow; buyers Felicity and Graham Reeves, and Landmark Dubbo's John Settree.


NOW WITH VIDEO. Whiteface breeders from three states purchased stud females at Kidman "Looking to the Future" sale at Dubbo.


TWO cow and calf units topped at $13,000 each among 82 stud females selling for a $4634 average to breeders from three states at the Kidman Poll Hereford “Looking to the Future” female sale at Dubbo last week.

Of the 64 cow and calf units 58 averaged $5052 while 14 of 21 heifers selected from the 2014 drop topped at $9000 and averaged $3750.

All 10 2015 heifers topped $5000, averaged $3450.

“With seasons and beef markets at all-time highs it was perfect timing to offer females that would enhance bloodlines within other herds,” Nelson Carlow said.

The sale follows a successful first female sale in 2012 which gave the Carlows further confidence in their genetics having since seen those females perform well in other herds.

“That was our ‘Golden Opportunity’ sale, which produced a calf at foot selling at Dubbo National for $26,000 in 2014 and a bull calf out of a joined female which made $44,000 at Wodonga National this year,” Mr Carlow said.

Graham and Felicity Reeves, Reevesdale stud, Gum Flat near Inverell, returned after first buying the top female in 2012 to do the same again.

“We came to buy females with bull calves, back then and again this sale, but we only bought one with a bull calf  this year,” Mrs Reeves said.

They paid equal $13,000 top price for the 2013 drop Kidman Countess J036 (P) by the Mawarra Virginian (H) sired Kidman Frigate G314 (AI) (P) and from Kidman Countess G142 (P) by the Tycolah Cobbadah sired Kidman Lotto C21 (P).

She had a heifer calf by Markowen Federer F6 and is PTIC to Kidman Advancer J312.

The Reeves also paid $11,000 for Kidman Vanity H228 (P) a 2012 drop daughter of Nova Quasar (AI) (P). She had a heifer calf at foot by Kerlson Pines Jester J99 (the $23,000 purchase at Dubbo National 2015) and was PTIC to Minlacowie Jubilant J123.

Another at $8000 was Kidman Moonshine H089 (P), also by Quasar, with bull calf by Kerlson Pines Jester and PTIC to Cascade Knox.

Their two sons, Tyler and Bayden, Tybay stud, bought two heifers at $2500 each.

Glendan Park Poll Herefords, Kyneton, Victoria, operated by Alvio and Jessica Trovatello, paid an average $8667 for three females including the other $13,000 equal top Kidman Maritana Lass J197 (AI) (P) a 2013 drop daughter of Tycolah Gold Rush (S) and from the Bowen Tornado Z260 sired Kidman Maritana Lass E129 (P).

She had a heifer calf at foot by Federer and PTIC to Cascade Knox.

Another of Glendan Park’s buys at $9000 was Kidman Minny J004 (P) a 2013 drop daughter of Kidman Minto G176 (AI) (P).

Continuing a keen interest in Kidman blood was David Lyons of DJ Lyons Partnership, Melville Poll Hereford stud, “Melville Park”, Vasey, Victoria, whose interest stems back to 2005 when he purchased the on-property sale topper at $31,000 Kidman The Don Y220 and this year he paid $35,000 for Kidman Competition K223. On both occasions the bulls were record prices at Kidman sales.

Mr Lyons bought four females for an average $6375 including two at $9000 both by Kidman Legacy D155 (S)  including Kidman Vanity J049 (P) a 2013 drop with heifer calf by Markowen Federer and PTIC to Kidman Exceptional K66.

The other was the 2014 drop Kidman Miss Gunn K173 (P), PTIC to Kidman Treaty J094.

Largest volume buyers were Karen and Peter Weller, Swanvale stud, Burroway, who secured 10 females to $5500 (five cows with calves, three 2014 drop heifers and two 2015 drop heifers plus two semen packages..

They bought the $24,000 Kidman Macumba at Dubbo National this year.

Three Queensland breeders bought six lots to $5000.

The sale was conducted by Landmark Dubbo, with guest auctioneer Paul Dooley, Tamworth.


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