Australian cowhides are ‘mooving’ up

Australian cowhide in demand

Isabella Galbraith said she would not mind if the cowhide she owns was sourced internaionally.

Isabella Galbraith said she would not mind if the cowhide she owns was sourced internaionally.


The demand for Australian cowhide is growing so businesses turn to overseas producers


COWHIDE is vastly becoming the new fashion accessory of choice, although the small amount of Australian tanneries is causing boutique businesses to source hide from overseas markets.

Cowhide skins have made a dramatic comeback to Australian households, a new era of cutting edge contemporary design has lead cowhide to the top for choice of decor and wardrobe choices. 

Boho Hide Wagon owner Tameka Davis said the demand for genuine cowhides have been the backbone of her business. 

“I have always believed cowhides have been popular, but the need for Australian Made hides has grown,” Ms Davis said. 

Selling both imported and Australian hides, Ms Davis said the lack of Australian tanneries is so minimal that’s what puts the price of genuine Australian hide up around the $600 to $800 mark. Hide tanneries in Brazil are so common as the South American country is one of the highest international cattle exporters in the world. 

“We would love to supply more Australian tanned hides however with very little difference to none between our most sought after Brazilian hides and our Australian Hides, it's hard to ask our customers to pay higher prices for hides we feel are of no better quality.”

Averaging $200 to $800 a skin, the popularity has lead many business owners into other cowhide products, such as jewelry, handbags and clothing, all asking a higher price for the products then what they would other materials. Cowhide, a material of choice for many fashion designers and home interior stylists, although the small amount of Australian tanneries can’t keep up with the strict demand, so many businesses continue to source from the abundance overseas.

University student Isabella Galbraith, Wagga Wagga, said she Generation X were the driving factor behind the new age hide boom as it’s now a sought-after fashion accessory for that demographic. Coming from a beef farming background Ms Galbraith knows the effort of creating a genuine cowhide and can understand why the demand is so hard to keep up with.

“If you can purchase a hide from overseas for a lesser price but same quality I don’t see why you wouldn't,” Ms Galbraith said. 


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