Angus bull sales run red hot

New England Angus studs achieve record averages

Angus Australia commercial development manager, Liz Pearson, pictured at Wattletop Angus sale, where prices reached $26,000 to average $10,308.

Angus Australia commercial development manager, Liz Pearson, pictured at Wattletop Angus sale, where prices reached $26,000 to average $10,308.


New England Angus studs have achieved record averages in this year's bull selling season.


CONFIDENCE in the beef industry and the Angus breed has led to record sales in the New England and North West, with most studs achieving strong sale averages.

The run of strong Angus sales began with a $9517 average and a top of $15,000 for the first Heart Angus on-property sale in mid-July.

Guyra stud, Eastern Plains Angus, had a top of $16,000 and average of $8934 and Sara Park Angus, Glen Innes, sold all 36 bulls topping at $16,000 twice and averaging $9583.

Texas Angus, Warialda, achieved a $56,000 sale high where strong bidding throughout the catalogue pushing the average to $12,535 for 127 bulls.

At Dulverton Angus, Glen Innes, prices reached $18,000, with all 78 bulls on offer selling for a new stud average record of $11,064, while Guyra stud, Glenavon Angus, also set a new record average of $10,633, with a top of $19,000 and a total clearance of the 101 bulls offered.

Bald Blair Angus, Guyra, continued the strong results for Angus cattle, with all 69 bulls offered selling, topping at $16,000 and averaging $9594.

In the penultimate bull sale for Guyra stud, Wattletop Angus, just one of the 121 bulls offered was passed in, with bidding reaching a high of $26,000 to average $10,308.

Eaglehawk and Clunie Range Angus studs achieved full clearances, with averages of $8680 and $12,324 respectively. The Clunie Range sale was particularly impressive, with 136 bulls selling, topping at $45,000.

The strong prices continued this week, with Te Mania bulls averaging $10,993 in the annual northern spring bull sale at Walgett. 

Yearling bulls have also been in strong demand, with respective averages of $9167, $11,143, $8273, $11,096, $10,666 for Dulverton, Glenavon, Bald Blair, Wattletop and Clunie Range studs.

The strong demand is proof of the confidence in the Angus breed and its ability to meet all markets, according to Angus Australia commercial development manager, Liz Pearson.

“The sales have been strong from start to finish,” Ms Pearson said.

“These are by far the best averages we’ve seen but the studs are offering consistent lines of good quality bulls.

“And these aren’t outrageously high prices for bulls – the prices have been consistent throughout the sales.”

It seems everyone wants a piece of the Angus premium pie.

“There’s been strong demand for Angus sires, not only for pure Angus herds, but for bulls going into crossbreeding programs to help producers achieve the Angus premium,” Ms Pearson said.

“Breeders are looking for something that suits any market, and the Angus breed is just that.”


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