Unique taste, premium product


Alliance general manager marketing, Peter Russell, New Zealand, said Te Mana Lamb was sparking a renaissance in the global appetite for premium meat.


“The lamb doesn’t taste like any other lamb. Te Mana Lamb has a rich marbling of healthy Omega-3 fats. That’s where the spectacular taste resides. The result is an entirely new lamb taste experience,” he said.

“It doesn’t behave like regular lamb when cooking. The lamb meat contains ‘good fat’, thus essentially has less moisture. That means it doesn’t suffer shrinkage, retains its shape, flavour and texture and is more versatile.

“It boasts a delicacy and lightness in mouth and a mild aroma that no other lamb before it has been capable of. The product has outstanding succulence, tenderness and flavour.”

This discovery will benefit a new generation of foodies and entirely new consumer segments and markets that previously weren’t interested in lamb.

“Te Mana Lamb is produced to the highest standards of consistency and quality. It is only available in limited quantities and its supply is restricted to a number of exclusive restaurants,” he said. 


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