Hop into it – the Swedes are, Kangarouge!

Wine branded Aussie kangarouge hops off shelf in Sweden


Oi, tetra pack of wine called Aussie lapped up in Sweden


No doubt it brings a warm feeling for any Swede who has backpacked in Australia  when they see a wine labelled ‘Aussie Kangarouge’ in Swedish liquor outlets.

As far as company marketing goes, the wine, with another two Aussie branded wines, – Great White Chardonnay and Flamingo Rose! are literally hopping off the shelf.

In the 1970s, people often referred to Aussie wines as Kanga Rouge and Wallaby White. Even Monty Python did a laughable skit on Aussie Table Wines. Now our wines are the toast of the world, regularly winning the top wine awards.

But some Swedes have decided to have some fun with the old names. It’s paying dividends at the cash register. This pallete of Aussie was spotted this week in a Swedish supermarket by a true-blue Aussie traveller.

The company Altia says Kangarouge is “fiery and generous with well-balanced blueberry character and long aftertaste with black pepper, mint, licorice and eucalyptus .

“The wine can be enjoyed during all seasons and for everything from dinner at home, to a glass in front of the fire”. There’s plenty of time for fireside drinks in snowy Sweden.

“The wine can be enjoyed both with and without food and should be served a bit cooler to fully produce its fresh and fresh character.’’ 

Interesting advice for a shiraz, or maybe something was lost in translation  !


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