Blyth Merino Ram Sale
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Ron Blyth
 0418 693 302

Blyth Ram Care

The ram you have just brought is getting his 2 teeth.
He has been well cared for at Bobacumbola/Parkley.

1. 6 in 1 at birth
2. Drench for sale prepara$on
3. Gudair & 5 in 1 Vaccine
4. Grain supplement through winter
5. Always well fed
Now he is your ram and we are coming into summer


1. Shear him every 6 months
2. Drench & Vaccinate him regularly
3. Treat his head & tail with Clik (preven$on)
4. Buy him some lupins along with some very green

Lucerne and feed add/lib 6 weeks prior to joining

5. Keep his paddock clean of grass seeds
Doing these things will keep your ram happy and he will enjoy giving you many lambs.
You will then enjoy his product and profits.

Breeding Objecves 2020
• Micron: 18.9 Adult sheep, with a high comfort factor
• Wool Type: so:, deep bold crimp, lustre, nourished with fibre bundles
• Fleece—rot resistance: white, nourished, crimpy wool, able to handle
our 30” rainfall
• Plain wrinkle-free sheep. Plain breech. Non-mulesed.
• Fer$lity: 120% plus at weaning, to joined ewes
• Frame: Large plain body
• Carcass traits: High growth rate, high muscle yield
• Poll Sheep
• Merino Select system used for Australian Sheep Breeding Values

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