Aloeburn Poll Merino
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Boree Creek
Jodie Green
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Aloeburn has been breeding early maturing, vigorous poll merinos with excellent maternal traits, who are well suited to a variety of environments producing long stapled, bold crimping, white wool on plain bodied sheep for more than 30 years.

There has been no mulesing and no jetting at Aloeburn since 2006. We have a long term average of marking 120% lambs to ewes joined with a goal to increase this to 130% from ewes shorn 6 monthly (staple length 65-70mm) and cutting 7.5kg of 19.5 micron wool per head per annum.

Accelerated genetic gain has been made in recent years as a result of strategic AI programs and genetic acquisitions. The average ASBV’s of the prospective 2020 sale team of rams are; PWT 5.64; YWT 8.09; PFAT 0.33; YFAT 0.26; PEMD 1.07; YEMD 0.86; YCFW 14.91; YSL 13.74; YFD -0.36; YSC 2.25.

We invite current and prospective clients to inspect this years sale team at our on-farm field day on Friday 28th August. Guest speakers at our field day are Peter Boyd of Boyd Metal Works, Jenni Turner of Fox & Lillie and Jason Trompf of Lambs Alive.

On display will be our sale team of 60 rams, Aloeburn stud sires and a sample of the 500 12-month-old commercial poll merino ewes who will be offered for sale at our 4th annual on-farm sale on Monday 28th September 2020. The sale will also be conducted live on AuctionsPlus.

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