Kandanga Valley Summer Sale
Stud stock
Kandanga via Gympie
John Mercer
 (07) 5484 3359

On-property auction of quality Charolais and Charbray stud bulls

Welcome one and all to our 2021 Kandanga Valley
Summer bull sale, where we will offer 55 beefy bulls
on Saturday January 23rd, commencing 10am.
We decided earlier in 2020 not to hold our Nebo
bull sale. Due to the dry we were forced to
supplementary feed these bulls and as a result we
needed somewhere to sell them, so we have
decided to present them here at ‘Warravale’
Kandanga in a special Summer sale.
As I write this we are still in the grips of drought
right across our properties. A green drought around
Gympie but we’ve commenced supplementary
feeding at Moonie once again.
We hope by January 23rd that the season has
turned for the better and if so, here is a great
line-up of bulls ready for work to catch those late
cycling cows.
This group of bulls has had a tough start to life but
are now really hitting their straps. By sale day the
Charbray bulls will be big, powerful boys and as
good as any line we’ve ever presented.
The Charolais are slightly smaller framed than
normal, due to the ongoing drought, but they’re
tough and know how to forage. They’re very sleek
coated and are showing that great Kandanga Valley
muscling, backed up with good EBV’s.
The Australian cattle market continues to break all
price records and isn’t it good to finally achieve a
decent return for our top quality product that we’re
proud to produce. The agriculture sector is helping
Australia recover from Covid and let’s hope we
continue to get the recognition we deserve for
bringing in those most welcome export dollars.
We urge you to try a Kandanga Valley bull to lift
your fertility, growth rates and carcass weights and
therefore your profitability. And take ‘full’ advantage
of these outstanding prices at the saleyards.
We’re starting the sale earlier, at 10am, to beat the
heat and possible storms and we would love to
have some time with you, our old and new friends,
on January 23rd, in the beautiful Mary Valley.
John & Roz Mercer

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