Can't eat coal: Join the fight

Can't eat coal: Join the fight


YOUNG farmers and their supporters who make up the Liverpool Plains Youth Group are outraged at Minister Greg Hunt's sign off on Shenhua's coal mine.


YOUNG farmers and their supporters who make up the Liverpool Plains Youth Group are outraged at Environment Minister Greg Hunt's sign off on the Shenhua Watermark open cut mine.

The mine plans to dig 10 million tonnes per year from the ridges at Breeza, perched above some of Australia's most fertile farmland.

They fear potential damage to precious underground water sources could permanently damage local agriculture.

To add your voice to the cause, email us your thoughts and a selfie:

Sarah Hubbard

"South Wandobah", Spring Ridge

I couldn't believe the environmental minister would grant something so absolutely ludicrous... READ MORE...

Glen Baker

"Shangrila", Breeza

I'm so disappointed with the government that they will allow such a thing on this rare soil... READ MORE...

Kate Davidson

"Tally-Ho", Curlewis

Fundamental modelling flaws have been overlooked in favour of giving this project the green light... READ MORE...

Hannah Murray

"Apple Tree", Spring Ridge

This is a short sighted decision made for a quick buck, and I am determined to join those in the area fighting for what's important to all Australians - sustainable agriculture!... READ MORE...

Alex Norman

"Redbank", Gunnedah

Food security is more important than the extraction of coal... READ MORE...

Lachy Proctor

Employee at "Kickerbell", Pine Ridge

Shenhua is going to create jobs and revenue for a foreign company and destroy land, jobs and productive farming land in which Australia depends on a lot more than what civilians understand... READ MORE...

Sarah Cudmore

"Eulabah", Pine Ridge

They are sacrificing the most fertile land in Australia for a short-term, non-renewable resource and Australia won't even touch the profits... READ MORE...

Sarah Sulman

"Janango", Breeza

Once they approve this one, there's no other area that's safe anymore... READ MORE...

Tom Elsley

"Bundaleer", Spring Ridge

It's very disheartening because the mine's obviously going to be detrimental to my future as a farmer on the Liverpool plains... READ MORE...

Joe Norman

"Redbank", Gunnedah

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to realise the risks that are being posed on the Australian agricultural industry... READ MORE...

Brad Tudgey

"Newhaven", Breeza

The Shenhua mine is disappointing and gutting knowing my future could be dug up for a short term income... READ MORE...

Richard Bullen


To put it simply, our government is selling us out, selling out the farming future for the next generation and Australians in general... READ MORE...

Will Elsley

"Bundaleer", Spring Ridge

It's heart breaking that the government has more support for a Chinese mining company than the farmers that are arguably some of the hardest working and most important part of our society today... READ MORE...

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