Goulburn Crookwell weaner steers to $1055

Weaner steers to $1055

Ben Foley, Wheeo, with his daughter Tess and sons Angus and Bryce, sold 28 Angus steers for $1000 to Dougal Kelly, “Wallah”, Rugby (right).

Ben Foley, Wheeo, with his daughter Tess and sons Angus and Bryce, sold 28 Angus steers for $1000 to Dougal Kelly, “Wallah”, Rugby (right).


Goulburn Crookwell weaner cattle sale return $1055 for Angus steers.


DESPITE the current trying conditions, the cattle presented at the Goulburn/Crookwell weaner cattle sale last Thursday was a credit to vendors, according to livestock agent Jock Duncombe of Duncombe and Co., Crookwell.

Heavier steers sold better, mainly due to feedlot demand, as lighter steers struggled because of the growing feed availability concern across the southern states.

“The heavier end of the steer calves are still getting premiums due to the limited numbers of calves with weight,” Mr Duncombe said.

Margaret Fitzpatrick.

Margaret Fitzpatrick.

“The calves that are getting discounted are those between 250 to 280 kilograms due to the trying conditions and the larger numbers of these calves coming forward.” 

The 3673 head yarding included 2097 mixed breed steers and 1576 heifers. Steers recorded an average of $762, while the heifers fared somewhat lower at $570.

The top pen was sold by Hayes Brothers of Middle Arm, via Goulburn, for 11 Black Angus 10-month-old steers with an average weight of 350kg going to buyers from Texas, Queensland. Their second pen of 18 brothers sold for $860. 

The second highest price was for a pen of 44 seven- to nine-month-old Angus steers sold by Bob and Barbara Brown, “Baradooky”, Tarago, averaging 335kg. They sold a second pen of 20 younger brothers for $960.

Ben Foley, Wheeo, sold 28 eight- to nine-month-old Angus steers averaging 314kg for $1000 to Dougal Kelly, “Wallah”, Rugby. Mr Kelly purchased 75 head of cattle at the sale with the intention of fattening them on crop and sending them to feedlotters as quickly as possible.

Running six to eight hundred head at “Wallah”, Rugby, Mr Kelly said he has purchased another 200 in the last two weeks hoping for a quick turnover. 

Margaret Fitzpatrick, "Australind", Currawong, sold 28 Angus steers for $980 with a second pen returning $770. 

In the heifer lines, Graham Hawke, “Platinum Park”, Tarago, managed a return of $1060 for five 20- to 22-month-old  Angus heifers in calf for three to five months. Their pen of 17 eight-month-old sisters with an average weight of 327kg sold for $815.

Hollywood Pastoral Company, Narrawa, sold 21 Angus heifers, April/May 2015 drop, averaging 329kg for $890 to ECM Moss Vale. Their 24 sisters also went to ECM Moss Vale for $830.  Pat Cleary of ECM Moss Vale, purchased over 300 replacements steers for three clients looking for either feedlot of high value grass fed cattle. 

As well as the Southern Highlands, a lot of the higher end calves went into Victoria, Molong, Young, Cootamundra, Yass and Mudgee. 


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