Angus dominates all markets

Angus dominates all markets

Angus cattle have dominated all markets in the past year, regularly topping sales, whether through the yards or on AuctionsPlus.

Angus cattle have dominated all markets in the past year, regularly topping sales, whether through the yards or on AuctionsPlus.


The Angus breed’s ability to meet any market specifications is paying off for producers.


THOSE producers who have focused on breeding quality cattle have reaped the rewards of recent strong markets, where the Angus breed’s ability to meet any category has brought them top dollar.

Angus Australia marketing and communications manager Diana Wood said the recent record price of $2172 for commercial heifers at Wagga Wagga showed processors and restockers were happy to pay big money for good quality Angus cattle.

“Week in, week out, from both AuctionsPlus and the saleyards, the results that Angus cattle are achieving are phenomenal,” Mrs Wood said.

​“On AuctionsPlus and in the saleyards, restockers, backgrounders, lotfeeders and processors are all competing against each other and Angus is what everyone wants.”

The breed’s big lines of cattle make them sought after by all buyers looking to secure even lines.

“The volume is there which is great, but the quality is backing up that volume,” Mrs Wood said.

“People want to buy quality cattle because they’re more cost efficient in the end.”

Mrs Wood said the ability of Angus cattle to fit any grid is why many feedlots and processors offer Angus premiums.

“With the myriad of Angus-branded products out there it’s now what the consumer is chasing, they’re willing to spend the money for Angus cattle. Angus beef is featured on the menus of nearly every restaurant or pub in Australia, and there’s always an Angus beef option in the supermarket, which is great to see.”

In the 12 months to May this year, AuctionsPlus offered more than 177,000 cattle with 50 per cent or more Angus content, making up almost half the total number of cattle offered.

Angus steers topped at 478 cents a kilogram and averaged 329c/kg, while pregnancy-tested-in-calf (PTIC) females topped at $2700 a head and averaged $1401.

​“As the Angus content increases across the board, whether they’re cows and calves, PTIC females, or steers, the top and average prices increases as well,” said AuctionsPlus business development manager Ciaran O’Gorman.

“That flows through to feedlots and processors who have been offering premiums for Angus cattle for many years.

“People are always trying to differentiate and build their own brand and story through AuctionsPlus, and having a premium product such as Angus cattle is why they can attract that premium.​ Angus producers generally have big lines of cattle, which suit our system so well.”


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