Flock rams to $2800 – studs top at $3600

Flock rams to $2800 – studs top at $3600 at New Armatree

Brian Plummer, “Trigoona”, Tottenham; Mark and Lachie Ferguson, “Colmarde”, Armatree, and Peta Bradley.

Brian Plummer, “Trigoona”, Tottenham; Mark and Lachie Ferguson, “Colmarde”, Armatree, and Peta Bradley.


Happy returning clients and new buyers flocked to the New Armatree Border Leicester sale last week.


THREE Super Boarder rams topped the annual New Armatree Border Leicester flock ram section at $2800 for the Bradley family, Armatree, last Friday, while a stud ram at $3600 topped the sale.

Two sold to Mark and Dean Ferguson, “Colmarde”, Armatree, and one to Brian and Maree Plummer, “Trigoona”, Tottenham.

Normanhurst stud of the Corkhill family, Boorowa, and represented by Ashley Corkhill, paid the $3600 for the top-priced stud ram which will be joined to 80 selected stud ewes next joining.

The Fergusons are clients of long standing, buying since 1974 and returned to purchase 11 rams for an average of $1827 including seven SuperBorders.

Brian and Maree Plummer of Trigoona, have been buying rams for the past eight years and bought 12 rams to average $1800 to join to classed-out Merino ewes from their flock.

Return buyers Geoff and Henry Taylor, “Warrenbone”, Gulargambone, bought six SuperBorder rams to a top of $2700 and average of $1900 to join to ewes from their self-replacing Merino flock.

David Greig, “Belview”, Tottenham, also bought six SuperBorder rams topping at $2600 and paying an average of $1950 to join to Mumblebone blood ewes.

Ted and Gwenda Charmley, “Eridec”, Armatree, returned to secure six rams with two making to $2200 and average $1766. They began buying for 40 years.

Mark and Ian Griffiths, “Green Camp”, Nyngan, purchased 16 rams for an average of $1262 to join to their Poll Boonoke blood ewes and are turning off ewes at 72kg at 15 monthd.

Brad Wilson, “Girrahween”, Combara, paid to $2400 for three rams averaging $1800 while Gary and Roz Zell, Combara, bought four rams to $1400 three times, to average $1375.

New local buyers Toby and Simon Semmler, Gilgandra, purchased nine rams as did Dan Keady and sons, “Geanmoney”, Coonamble.

The sale was conducted by Halcroft and Bennett, Gulargambone and Coonamble, with Steve Colwell and David Thompson the auctioneers.​



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