Road rules Q&A | Video

Road rules Q&A | Video


Brush up on your road rules with these video Q&As.


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Before you jump in the car, brush up on your road rules with these video Q&As.

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Can you park in front of an Australia Post mailbox?

The perfect car park might look like it is free directly in front of an Australia Post mailbox, but stopping there could be an expensive mistake. Find out why here.

How do you navigate a roundabout correctly?

How do you navigate a roundabout correctly and avoid driving other road users around the bend? Find out here.

Can you use your mobile phone when driving?

What are the rules and who do they apply to in regards to using a mobile phone while driving? Find out here.

Is it illegal to have your arm out the window while driving?

Can you rest your arm in an open window while driving? What about waving to someone as you pass? Find out here.

Can you smoke in the car?

There’s a little known law that was introduced in January 2010 but it seems Victorian drivers are none the wiser. Can you smoke in the car? Find out here.

Does Victoria have double demerit points over the holiday period?

Police are answering a question that has been doing the rounds on Facebook ahead of Christmas – does Victoria have double demerit points for driving offences in the holiday period? Find out here.

Do you need a clear view out your rear window while driving?

Anyone who has been shopping with a small car will know that it can be difficult to fit things when you have limited space. But is it OK to stack up cars so that can’t see out your review mirror? Find out here.

Do you have to restrain your dog in the car?

Everyone knows that all passengers in a vehicle need to wear a seat belt. But that law only applies to human passengers – what about our furry friends? Read more here.

Can you have open alcohol in the car?

Ever wondered whether it is OK to have a beer while driving, or as a passenger in a car? Watch the video to find out.

Are you allowed to eat while driving?

Most people will grab a bite to eat while they are driving, especially on long trips. But is it OK to? Read more here.

Do you need to carry your licence when driving?

Most people tend to take their wallet with them every time they get in the car. But what happens if you don’t? Read more here.

Are you allowed to drive while wearing headphones?

Drivers who choose to wear headphones in the car might quickly discover police sirens in their rearview mirror - if they can hear them. Read more here.

Are you allowed to drive in thongs?

Is this legal in Victoria? Yes, but if police deem inappropriate footwear has contributed to an accident or hazardous driving you could be in line for a traffic offence. Read more here.

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