Imported fakery discredits Aussie product

By Jamie Brown
March 6 2017 - 6:00pm
The last producer of Australian-sourced squalene, Richard Saul, Ocean Oils, is fighting 'shadows' in the form of imported fake product while government policing on behalf of the consumer seems inadequate.

Niche Manuka and North Coast tea tree industries are too small to afford a research and marketing arm but they fought hard with limited resources to protect their future. Meanwhile, spare a thought for the Australian squalene industry –  there’s only one bloke, Richard Saul, son of a North Coast prawn fisherman and world champion professional rower. For the past 24 years, Mr Saul has produced the rare oil in Melbourne, under the name Ocean Oils, distilling sustainably caught deep water shark liver oil to glean the stuff that is so precious in Asia.