Koobah weaners reach $1350

Koobah weaner steers hit $1350 at Nundle


Steers topped at $1350 a head and heifers reached $1140 at the annual Koobah weaner sale at Nundle on March 1.


STRONG demand from lotfeeders resulted in a high of $1350 a head for steers and $1140 for heifers at the annual on-property weaner sale at “Koobah”, Nundle, on Wednesday.

The 666-head yarding of nine- to 11-month-old good quality Angus and Angus-cross weaners offered by Philip and Vicki Dempsey included 347 steers and 319 heifers of predominantly Booragul, Outwest and Wombramurra bloodlines.

Lotfeeders in northern and southern NSW bought the bulk of both steers and heifers, paying $50 more for steers than the top price at last year’s sale.

It was the first of the northern weaner sales for this season, but overall, the market was much stronger than recent store sales in the region.

Steers fetched up to $250 more and heifers made up to $300 more than at other regional sales.

Selling agent Adam Pollock, Pollock and Cummins, Gunnedah, said “Koobah” cattle, had a good reputation of being able to perform in a feedlot as well as in the paddock.

“That (strong market) is largely because of the quality of the cattle,” Mr Pollock said.

Steers weighing between 280 kilograms and 350kg sold from $1070 to $1200, while those weighing from 360kg to 420kg ranged from $1240 to $1350, paid for the first three pens.

Jeremy Cummins, Tamworth, bought the top three pens averaging 422kg, on behalf of Teys feedlot at Jindalee, for $1350.

He also bought another 42 steers weighing 376kg for $1330 and nine steers, also weighing 376kg, for $1330. The 91 steers averaged $1336.

“They’re just exceptionally well-bred cattle and they’re yard weaned so we know they’re going to handle the feedlot,” Mr Cummins said.

Bob Jamieson Agencies bought 201 steers weighing from 303kg to 376kg for a top of $1310 and average of $1226.

Repeat buyer Andrew Talbot, Elders Killara feedlot, Quirindi, purchased 171 of the heaviest heifers, paying $1050 for 133 heifers weighing 342kg. Elders Killara also paid $1030 for 28 averaging 331kg and $1055 for 10 heifers weighing 354kg.

Agent James Griffin, Elders Gunnedah, bought 64 heifers – 50 for $1050 and 14 for $920 – for local restockers.

They’re just exceptionally well-bred cattle and they’re yard weaned so we know they’re going to handle the feedlot. - Feedlot buyer Jeremy Cummins, Tamworth

The Dempseys, who sell all their weaners each year, were pleased with the sale.

“Considering the way the market is dropping at the moment, we did extremely well,” Mrs Dempsey said.

“We very fortunate to be in a pocket with feed, but all around us is very dry which is affecting the market.”

The sale was conducted by Pollock and Cummins, Gunnedah, with Adam Pollock taking the bids.


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