Shooting a laser beam into the sky

A vertical laser beam is planned for King Edward Park in Newcastle

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Topics loves great ideas. We especially like this cracker-jack idea from Bar Beach’s Reg Glover.

Reg, who is 85, has produced a plan for a vertical laser beam to extend 1500 metres to 3000 metres into the sky from the King Edward Park bowling club site in Newcastle.

We’re assuming this would be a bit like the Tribute in Light in New York, which is held annually at the World Trade Centre in remembrance of the victims of the September 11 attacks.

The illuminated memorial reaches six kilometres into the sky and is visible within a 97-kilometre radius on a clear night.

It’s an art installation that involves 88 searchlights next to the World Trade Centre site, creating two vertical columns of light.

Anyhow, Reg wrote us a letter about his King Edward Park plan, providing a great sketch.

He said the laser beam would be blue. He made it clear that the beam would not interfere with aircraft.

The beam would shoot skywards from an artwork that would pay tribute to Newcastle’s coal history, BHP and the Aboriginal people.

He’s thinking it could be seen from places like Sydney, Tamworth and Katoomba.

He also reckons it should be solar-powered and surrounded by gardens.

He’s tossed around a few names for the project, including “The Awabakal Light” and “The Aboriginal Beacon”.

Reg pointed out that Sydney has the Opera House, New York has the Statue of Liberty and Paris has the Eiffel Tower.

Newcastle could have the laser beam, putting the town “on the map”.

Reg urged us to “start a movement” to bring his plan to life.

Personally, we love the idea. Now all we need is to get Newcastle’s movers and shakers on board.

It’s Just Not Cricket

Hamilton South’s Gil Jamieson has been having a bit of trouble with his NBN internet connection.

Gil gave his provider a ring and “ended up with a nice chap in India”.

“He said his name was John. He was a really nice guy to talk to. We had a good talk.”

After discovering John lived in India, Gil asked “have you won the cricket yet”.

In response, John said: ‘I’m not interested in cricket. I’m here to work. I’m too busy to be interested in cricket”.

So there you have it. Gil appears to have come across one of the only man in India who doesn’t follow cricket.

For those who don’t know, India won the match against Australia by eight wickets and the series 2-1.

“I wanted India to win because it makes so many people happy if they win,” Gil said.

“Australian cricketers are big-headed anyway. They always have been insulting. I usually cheer for the other team. I like to see the underdogs win.”

So there you have it. Gil is quite possibly the only man in Australia who doesn’t support the Australian cricket team. That makes you unique, Gil. Topics likes unique things.

Cat and Mouse

Remember last week’s siege at Tighes Hill? Wallsend’s Ricky Kinchella stood atop a roof and wouldn’t come down, keeping police at bay for hours. Ricky had allegedly been involved in a triple stabbing and two armed robberies.

This cat was photographed at the siege in Tighes Hill last week.

This cat was photographed at the siege in Tighes Hill last week.

The incident brought one of Newcastle’s busiest roads to a standstill. Herald photographer Marina Neil was at the scene, documenting the incident – as she does.

While she was there, she noticed a cat in the window. What we’re wondering is, where’s the mouse?

The Shirt Off His Back

This from a Facebook friend: “Is it poor form to give a shirt you bought for an old lover – a shirt he never liked or wore and left at your house, never taking it home – to a new lover? Asking for a friend.

New kids off the block

They’ve been described as Newcastle's “newest boy band”, but the five members are not the kind of singers you might expect. The group is called Quintus. They sing a cappella songs. The group includes Paul Bevan, Paul Morris, Paul Tenorio, Chris Allan and Peter Guy. Their inaugural performance will be part of a concert at Adamstown Uniting Church, which starts at 2pm on Sunday. 

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