Students given top marks for their 2017 HSC major works

Students show off their HSC major works

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It's been a busy time for students at Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School - preparing their major works.


School is so much more than just reading and writing these days and that was abundantly clear in Tamworth, on Monday.

Students from Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School were keen to show off their major works for the HSC.

The boys are studying either Industrial Technology Metal and Engineering Technologies, Industrial Technology Timber Products and Furniture Technologies or Industrial Technology Multimedia Technologies.

The students have produced a variety of projects ranging from Heavy Duty Off-Road Trailers, to Fine Furniture in timber, to Video Production using drone technology.

“Each student develops a project concept and takes the idea through to project realisation,” Technological and Applied Studies head teacher Eric Reading said. “It's an enormous challenge for the students to manage their time, resources in the production of these works.” 

The projects and folios are externally marked and contribute to 60 per cent of the HSC result for the course. The remaining 40 per cent will be determined by the HSC examination. 

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