49 photos from partying inside the 2017 Deni Ute Muster

Deni Ute Muster 2017: 49 photos from partying inside the festival


Instagrammers give us a glimpse of their weekend at Deni.


When more than 15,000 ute and country music lovers pile into Deni, there's always going to be something interesting happening in the background.

The clouds parted and the sun shone for two days straight, making this year’s event a far cry from the muddy wonderland the showgrounds were last year, but it didn’t stop revellers from across the country from having a good time.

And where there’s fun, there’s Instagram.

From partying on ute roofs and posing with the Muster Man to group selfies and campsite lounging, there was plenty going on.

We’ve collected 49 of our favourite snaps from the 2017 Deni Ute Muster into this gallery to give a glimpse of what happens in the campgrounds and arenas of the iconic festival.


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