Sydney wool market lifts another 27c/kg

Sydney wool market lifts another 27c/kg


The northern wool market climbed another 27 cents a kilogram in the past week to finish on 1656c/kg.


THE northern wool market climbed another 27 cents a kilogram in the past week to finish on 1656c/kg. 

Big price increases were recorded at the finer end of the fleece wool categories, which pushed up the northern indicator and kept pressure on the Eastern Market Indicator. 

At the end of trading on Thursday the EMI was on 1566c/kg, up another 16c/kg on the back of a significant rise the week before.

A standout at Sydney auctions was the 17-micron wools which averaged 2301c/kg and was up nearly 50c/kg on the week before.

The 18-micron average lifted 44c/kg to hit 2156c/kg, while the 19-micron finished on 1886c/kg, up 42c/kg.

Australian Wool Exchange market information manager Lionel Plunkett said buyer sentiment remained positive and as soon as the market opened on Wednesday, prices began to track higher.

“The biggest movers of the day were the lower style and spec types, as buyers again tried hard to secure market share in the steadily rising market,” Mr Plunkett said.

He said the premium for wools with low mid breaks continues to rise, as buyers fight for these increasingly rare lots, similar type wools can bring over 70c/kg more in price if they contain favourable mid break results.

In contrast, Mr Plunkett said the crossbred market went against the trend of the other sectors again this week.

“All types and descriptions had general falls of 10c/kg to 35c/kg, with the poorly prepared lines suffering the greatest falls,” he said.

“Only 32 micron managed to maintain last week’s levels.”


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