Your photos of the 2017 harvest

Harvest 2017 through your eyes


Harvest is underway and we want to see your photos!


HARVEST is underway and we want to put together a gallery of your shots.

We’ve gathered a few from readers in the gallery above, as well as those from our photographer Rachael Webb who’s been out snapping the harvest in the past few weeks, but we’d like to see more of what’s happening in your region.

So get involved and grab a harvest snap and send it to The Land!

Pictures can be tagged #TLHarvest on Instagram or pop onto our Facebook page and send them to us there.

Or if social media isn’t your thing (or your accounts are private) then drop us an email at

We’ll find your photos and add them to our gallery above. 

Don’t forget to tell us where the photo was snapped and what your name is.

Happy snapping!


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