Store lambs at Yass to $127.50 | Photos

Store lambs at Yass to $127.50


Yass-based Butt Livestock and Property put together 19,353 store lambs for their 5th annual Yass district circuit sale last Tuesday.


Yass-based Butt Livestock and Property put together 19,353 store lambs for their 5th annual Yass district circuit sale last Tuesday: but even with an increase of three thousand lambs on last year, many buyers were still unable to fill their requirements.

The top price was $127.50 for 302 July/August drop lambs while the sale averaged $108.92. 

Company co-principal Phill Butt noted a one-hundred clearance of second- and first-cross lambs to a large contingent of eager restockers.

“It is a credit to the vendors for the quality of the lambs produced and the prices achieved,” Mr Butt said.

“It is a testament to the quality of the lambs the feedback from repeat buyers is always positive.

“There is nothing better than to have buyers say that they did well out of the lambs purchased out of this sale.”

Vendor sales included:

Charlie and Richard Buckmaster, “Roseville”, The Mullion sold 282 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs, Rowallan and Kingston Park-blood, July/August drop, weighing 38kg for $120, while their neighbor Steve Faulder, “The Ranch”, The Mullion sold 192 first-cross ewe lambs, Normanhurst-blood August drop, 24.5kg for $124.

Longaroo Pastoral Co, “Glen Maree”, Yass sold 547 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs, August/Sept drop for $92.53 average.

New Kayarem Pty Ltd, Cavan Station, Yass  sold 4149 July/Aug drop lambs to top $126.50 for 504 White Suffolk/Merinos weighing 39.5kg average and $123 for 942 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs, Barwon and Rowallan-blood weighing 39.5kg average.

The Harding family, “Yanawe”, Yass sold 485 White Suffolk and Poll Dorset/Merino lambs for average $106.22 for a top of $118.50 for 170 and Tony Patmore, Yass received $117 for 126 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs, Glenfinnan and Rowallan-blood June/July drop, weighing 37kg.

Frank Kaveney, Tallawong Pastoral Co, Yass sold 1692 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs, Springwater and Hillden-blood, July/Aug drop, for average $119.13 with his top pen of 797 weighing 39.5kg sold for $126.

E.T and J.A Gruber, “Sunnyside”, Yass sold 170 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs, Kingston Park-blood, August drop weighing 35kg for $113 while the Medway Family Partnership, Yass sold 198 Charolais and Poll Dorset/Merino lambs, August/Sept drop, 35.5kg for $116. 

The pen of 145 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs, July drop, weighing 37kg offered by Naamaroo Pty Ltd, Gunning sold for $122.50 and Andrew and Michelle Southwell, “Eden Brae”, Rye Park received $95 for their pen of 144 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs, August drop weighing 28.5kg with Peter Longley, Yass selling 117 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs July/Aug drop weighing 31kg for $103.50. 

The Elliot family, Balgalal Pastoral Co, Binalong sold 1752 lambs for $104.44 average with a top of $127 for 234 Poll Dorset x Border Leicester/Merino lambs July drop weighing 40kg, and the Mylora Pastoral Co, Binalong yarded 2313 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs July/Aug drop for average $116.94 with a top of $127.50 for 302 Poll Dorset/Merino lambs 42kg. 

Frances Elsegood, “Bogo”, Bookham sold 729 Glenfinnan-blood White Suffolk/Merino lambs, July/Aug drop for average $111.52; the Shannon family, Talmo Pastoral Co, Bookham offered 2342 Glenfinnan-blood White Suffolk/Merino lambs, August drop sold to $116.50 and Doug Painting, “Deepwater”, Bookham sold 231 Kingston Park-blood Poll Dorset/Merino lambs August drop, weighing 36.5kg for $115. 

Bruce Hazel, “Kia-Ora”, Bookham yarded 1417 Rowallan-blood Poll Dorset/Merino lambs, July/August drop for average price $108.97 and received $123 top for 460 lambs weighing 39kg.

Richard and Stephanie Hyles, “Westbourne”, Jugiong offered 1013 White Suffolk/Merino lambs, Aug/Sept drop for average $94.60 and top $110 for 420 at 31kgs average.

Restockers came from Tamworth, Corowa, Forbes, Cootamundra, Narrandera, Shepparton and Yarrawonga. 


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