Bringing consumers on journey

Bringing consumers on journey


The first National Ag Day held on November 21 was the start of an annual celebration of Australian agriculture. Next year is expected to be bigger and better.


The first National Ag Day held on November 21 was the start of an annual celebration of Australian agriculture and the massive contribution our farmers make to the Australian economy.

Despite a short lead up to the celebration, 50 events were held right across the country, showcasing Australian produce at its best.

But it wasn’t without controversy.

I think most people would agree Gina Rinehart’s decision to award former Agriculture Minister and federal candidate for New England Barnaby Joyce $40,000 for his contribution to agriculture wasn’t a great look.

Next year the industry is promising a bigger and better celebration for our farmers.

We want to celebrate that agriculture is a key driver in our economy, that we’re the fastest growing industry in the country and that we’re on track to become the next one hundred billion dollar industry. 

And we want to bring Aussie consumers with us on the journey.

Gone are the days when most people in the city had a country connection - usually through family.

According to statistics from the National Farmers’ Federation, a whopping 83 per cent of people living in the city describe their connection to farming as ‘distant’ or ‘non-existent.’

National Ag Day is a great opportunity to help break down that disconnect.

We’re envisaging pop up sampling markets across our capital cities and a big social media drive to highlight the skills, intelligence and true grit that goes into producing  the country’s food and fibre which feeds and clothes millions of people here in Australia and right across the world.

Let's make next year's national day more inclusive and reflective of the era we are now in.

Consumer led, technology enabled, and most importantly professional.

By NSW Farmers’ CEO Matt Brand.


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