Queen profile: Jade Johnston

Jade Johnston's Queen Profile

Jade Johnston.

Jade Johnston.


We sat down with Jade and asked her why she's entering the Quest.


Name: Jade Maree Johnston

Age: 20

From: Tamworth 

Who is you sponsor? 

Challenge disability services 

Why did you enter the quest?

To meet new people and to make new friends

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What is the most interesting thing about you? 

I’m a girl who loves the outdoors, hunting and fishing

Where would you send someone to visit if they were in Tamworth for the first time?

One of our big attractions is the golden guitar so they would have to see that and the hands of Fame Park on cable avenue

What’s your favorite thing about the country music festival?

The people who come from far and wide to enjoy the festival from the famous artists to retired travelers they all come here to enjoy our beautiful city 

Who or what is your favorite band/song?

Luke Bryan is my favorite artist 

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What has been the best thing about queen quest so far?

Meeting new people and making friends along the way

What would you do if you were crowned queen?

I would be very excited and I would call all my family to let them know 

What queen responsibility or perk are you most looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to being able to participate in more community events 

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