Rusty’s big adventure

Red Dog seeks return transportation from South Australia to Goondiwindi

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Rusty Scudamore, Goondiwindi, goes on the trip of a lifetime.


Lovable Goondiwindi pooch, Rusty Scudamore, has taken a page out of iconic adventurer Red Dog’s book, and gone on an interstate journey without permission from his family.

Not happy to be left at home while the rest of the family went holidaying at the coast, Rusty took matters into his own hands...or should we say paws.

Stowing away in the undercarriage of a truck, Rusty crossed two state lines and has ended up in Snowtown, South Australia.

Posting to Facebook on Rusty’s behalf, his owner, Laura Scudamore, shared the tales of Rusty’s adventure and asked for suggestions for Rusty’s return trip.

“My name is Rusty and I am a naughty little Australian Terrier whose favourite pastime is hitching rides with the traffic passing by, on the highway, near my home in Goondiwindi,” the post said.

“I’ve outdone myself this week, managing to score a lovely mystery tour of Australia after thumbing a ride with an interstate truck.

“Whilst Snowtown, SA is lovely this time of year, I really must be getting home to my family.

“I was wondering if anyone knew of a lift getting close to either of these places.” 

Ms Scudamore said it was likely that Rusty stowed away in the truck while it was parked outside their property’s driveway.

“At some point along the way the truck driver has found him, but not knowing what to do, he took him home,” she said. 

“He’s been very well looked after and the truckie’s wife has sent pictures most days of Rusty enjoying all the attention.”

This is not the first time Rusty has gone road-tripping, though it is definitely his longest journey to date.

Ms Scudamore said Rusty has also gone on a weekend getaway to Chinchilla while the family was away.

Lucky for Rusty though, his microchip and a cattle tag with the Scudamore’s details allow for a pain-free identification process.

We hope Rusty enjoys what time he has left in Snowtown, and has a safe journey home.

The story Rusty’s big adventure first appeared on Queensland Country Life.


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