Power unit reliability key for irrigators

Power unit reliability key for irrigators

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Melbourne-based Power Equipment provide power unit solutions suitable for irrigation needs.

A John Deere 6068 Series industrial engine.

A John Deere 6068 Series industrial engine.

Irrigation is the lifeblood of many Australian farms, and more often than not a John Deere engine is the heart that pumps that life-giving water.

John Deere diesel engines deliver high-output performance and reliability to ensure irrigation pumps keep the water flowing when it is vitally needed in extreme conditions.

When it comes to keeping an irrigation system running day-after-day it pays to remember the saying ‘nothing runs like a Deere’, a Power Equipment company spokesman said.

Industrial engines from John Deere come in power ratings from 24 kW to 360 kW.

They can be specified in a variety of build specifications to suit any operation.

Power Equipment is the exclusive Australian distributor of John Deere industrial engines.

The Melbourne-based company has been in the industrial and marine engine industry for more than 30 years.

It has established an extensive network of branches, service centres and independent retailers in Australia, New Zealand and the south Pacific.

With this experience and infrastructure, Power Equipment can provide the expertise and backup support to ensure an engine is installed and serviced professionally.

The range of specifications Power Equipment offers in John Deere industrial engines includes Spec D, a power pack specifically designed for irrigation pumps.

Spec D includes an engine-mounted key start panel with pump discharge pressure protection.

The panel is available in mechanical Murphy or solid state Kensho versions.

The whole Spec D system is mounted in a weatherproof enclosure.

Rochester-based Campaspe Irrigation manufacture its own transportable high capacity pumping stations built into 20ft shipping containers.

“Our transportable pumping stations are capable of moving up to 18 Megalitres a day,” project manager Campaspe Irrigation, Wayne Conway said. 

“A John Deere engine goes into the box, coupled to a centrifugal pump, filters, and with all the electrical gear.”

  • Visit: www.powerequipment.com.au.

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