Mowing isn’t as simple as it seems

Kuhn say mower choice important for baling hay and silage

FC 10030 D triple mower conditioner combination.

FC 10030 D triple mower conditioner combination.


Kuhn say mower choice important for baling hay and silage


CUTTING hay and silage isn’t a simple job these days.

Quality of fodder drives profitability, so it’s important to ensure your moisture content, particle size, packing density and sealing are spot on.

Kuhn, national sales manager, Jarrod Maskell said growers need to start thinking about cutting before they plant.

“Crop selection is key,” he said. 

“You need to look at the type of crop you’re using, to ensure it performs well in your climate, so you get the best possible nutritional value.

Mr Maskell said water and soil management will affect the crops access to moisture, and ultimately yield. 

“Plant nutrition is obviously also another factor that will affect the overall quality,” he said. 

“Lastly, the equipment used will have a considerable impact on the final result.”

Mr Maskell said while a regular mower simply cut the crop is fine in good conditions, if the season is wet the longer drying time can result in mould.

“That’s when a disc mower conditioner can be invaluable,” he said, 

“Particularly with larger farms, it’s important to reduce that dry down time, due to harvest constraints.

“Dry down is a lot faster and more even with a conditioner, and it means better quality in hay and silage feed tests.”

Disc mower conditioners enable fodder to dry faster and more evenly, either by using a pair of rubber or steel rollers to condition, crimp or bruise the fodder. 

Mr Maskell said Kuhn offers various disc mowers, designed specifically to target high quality hay or silage. 

These include the FC 10030 D and FC 3525 DF FF triple mower conditioner combination.

“This machine combination is not only better able to handle all types of fodder, but its greater speed and coverage creates higher volume, which is ideal for mass production,” Mr Maskell said. 

“This particular machine adapts perfectly to different types of terrain, preventing contamination by impurities and preserving plant cover, for better nutritional quality and higher quality forage.”

Mr Maskell said other triple mower combinations, such as the GMD 10030 FF and GMD 3525 FF have a 9.53 to 9.93 metre cutting width, to ensure output is not compromised.

“This combination features an Optidisc cutter bar,” he said.

“As well as a time-saving Fast Fit quick knife attachment system.”

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