30 ways we celebrated summer 2017-18

30 ways we celebrated summer 2017-18


There are some amazing photos in here, from you, our readers. Do yourself a favour and check them out.


We put the call out for photos that summed up your summer – in one picture – and we have been floored by the response.

Each and every one of the photos that you, the readers, sent in were amazing.

We’ve got stunning photos of sunsets across the country.

Photos of chilling out by the water, chasing water to beat the heat and watching rivers flow and rain gauges fill.

Pics of getting in and moving cattle and getting the dairy cattle in for milking.

They all tell the story of the summer that was 2017-2018.

Be sure to time the time to have a look through each and every one of the 30 photos in this collection as they are all stunners.

If you’ve got a photo you’d like to share add them in the comments of the Facebook post above.


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