McLeod’s Daughters heading to town, but how and why was Leeton chosen?

McLeod's Daughters reunion happening in Leeton

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Find out how this reunion in Leeton came about.


BY NOW, most are aware a popular television program is coming to Leeton for a reunion, but exactly why and how did this happen? 

Recently it was announced the popular Australia television program McLeod’s Daughters would be bringing some of its popular actors to Leeton’s Roxy Theatre for a special reunion. 

The television drama ended after eight seasons and 224 episodes, ending in 2009, but its following has never truly died out. 

Leeton shire councillor and hairdresser Sandra Nardi was one of those who was instrumental in bringing the event to town on July 21. 

One of her clients – Betina Walker – has a connection with the McLeod’s Daughters crew, as well as Zoe Naylor, who played Regan in the show. 

Ms Naylor mentioned the cast would be interested in bringing their reunion to a country area and Leeton’s name was thrown into the mix. 

“When Zoe found out we have a Roxy Theatre and art deco here, she was pretty set on bringing everyone here,” Miss Nardi said. 

“It was through Betina, myself and our connections that it was all able to come together, it’s going to be so great for our town and the area.”

Already hundreds of tickets have been sold for the reunion, which will take place at the theatre on July 21. 

There will be two sessions on the day, with the first to be held from 1pm to 5pm and a second from 6pm to 10pm. 

This will include laid back discussions from popular cast members Myles Pollard (Nick Ryan), Bridie Carter (Tess McLeod), Lisa Chappell (Clare McLeod) and Aaron Jeffery (Alex Ryan) to join Ms Naylor on stage. 

There will be time for questions, as well as every ticket holder being given the opportunity to take photos with the McLeod’s gang and have autographs signed. 

Since McLeod’s Daughters ended its fan base have called for its return with many wishing it was still on air today. 

Miss Nardi hasn’t been surprised by the reaction to the event in Leeton as she was aware of the show’s cult-like following. 

“It’s going to be fantastic for Leeton to hold something like this,” she said. 

“People are going to be coming from all over. It’s really exciting. People are talking about it. There’s a real buzz around it.

“It’s great they are coming here.” Residents and visitors alike have been encouraged to get in quick to secure their tickets for either the afternoon or evening session. 

Tickets are available online for $88 per person at Call the theatre for more information. 

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