Farmer will include a charity in her will

Farmer Angie Williams will include a charity in her will

LEGACY: Farmer Angie Williams has decided to leave a portion of her estate to two charities.

LEGACY: Farmer Angie Williams has decided to leave a portion of her estate to two charities.


Farmer Angie Williams wants to help the world after she's gone.


Death. It’s not something we like to think about, but it’s inevitable.

When Angie Williams dies she wants to leave a lasting legacy in the world, so she will give a portion of her estate to two charities.

She made the decision 15 years ago and still feels it’s the right choice for her – although she’s in the minority. 

According to research, 80 per cent of people across the country support charities during their lifetime but only 7.4 per cent  include a charity in their Will. 

“It’s nice to leave something almost like to the world, you’ve got your family and friends and your loved ones that you want to take care of, of course, but it’s nice to take a broader view,” she said. “It’s a way of leaving a legacy broader than your narrow support network. 

“I’ve got World Vision with the International side of things covered and The Smith Family with an Australian base and focus.”

Ms Williams, a farmer at Nelsons Plains, started sponsoring children through World Vision 15 years ago. She supports one in Africa, Cambodia and India. 

“I was mainly interested in my career and looking at having that as something that was important to me, so I thought this was a way of having kids – I could just sponsor somebody else’s and help out,” she said. 

“You get a big buzz out of it – it’s like when you do something for somebody else, it makes you feel good. I get a really nice sense of satisfaction from it.

“I send them birthday cards and christmas cards and I get letters back from them regularly about the difference it’s making to have sponsorship in their life.”

Her sponsorship money is put towards community projects in the child’s area. 

“They have projects to provide clean water, and seeds for the rural areas to help to provide food for the families. It’s teaching them to be self-sufficient,” she said. 

“I like to sponsor girls because I think they are behind the eight ball all around the world. Still there is not the total equality for females generally so I like to give them an opportunity to better themselves.”

Include A Charity Week runs between September 10 and 16.

Campaign Director Helen Merrick said many people thought they had to be rich to include a charity in their Will but they could actually leave any amount of money.

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