Towalba’s $8750 sale topper sells to WA

Towalba’s $8750 sale topper sells to WA

Garry and Neville Kopp, Towalba stud, Peak Hill, with Elders agent Scott Thrift, Dubbo, Warrick Kopp, Towalba stud, Peak Hill, and the $8750 sale-topper destined for WA.

Garry and Neville Kopp, Towalba stud, Peak Hill, with Elders agent Scott Thrift, Dubbo, Warrick Kopp, Towalba stud, Peak Hill, and the $8750 sale-topper destined for WA.


Rams cleared 94 per cent and averaged $2118 at Peak Hill last Friday for the Towalba stud.


TOWALBA Merino and Poll Merino stud hit a $8750 high during their annual on-property ram sale with the sale-topper destined for Western Australia. 

The Kopp family sold 122 rams of the 130 on offer for a 94 per cent clearance and a $2118 average. 

Western Australian buyer Peter Horne from Woodanilling, secured the $8750 top-priced ram of the sale, Towalba tag MT M31355. 

The Merino ram was 20.1 in the micron with a standard deviation (SD) of 3.9, a fibre diameter coefficient of variation (CV) of 13.7pc and a comfort factor (CF) of 98.4pc. 

Repeat buyer Mr Horne had not seen the ram in person but Garry Kopp said the buyer was interested in the ram for a combination of things. 

“They liked the ram’s bulk wool, staple length, outlook, structural correctness and wool cutting ability,” Garry Kopp said. 

Two Poll Merino rams hit the equal second top-price of $8000. 

The first was Towalba tag MT M31358 who was purchased by the Ward Partnership, Nyngan. With a micron of 19.7 and SD of 2.7, CV of 13.7pc and CF of 99.9, it was sired by Towalba Capital. 

Ward Partnership also took home another ram for $5250, to average $6625 across the two purchases. 

Ian Shaw trading as Whitefields Pastoral Company, Galong, also outlaid $8000 for Towalba tag MT M31371. Also by the Towalba Capital sire, it was 19 in the micron, 2.7 SD, 14.2pc CV and 99.8pc CF. 

Whitefields Pastoral put together a line of three rams to use within their flock for an average of $4333. 

Overall 76 Merino rams sold to a $8750 top and $2049 average while 45 Poll Merinos were sold, topping at $8000, twice, and averaging $2283. 

The largest volume buyers were JF. and GP. Ridley, Miner Lea, Girral, who added 12 rams to his sire battery for a $1667 average, and Bill Treanor, Bathurst, who purchased nine rams for a $1444 average. 

Other major buyers were Yarran Holdings Pty Ltd, Armatree, who bought six rams for a $1917 average, Grimm Partnership bought seven rams to average $1250, and GWT Pty Ltd, Nyngan, purchased six and averaged $2125. 

Victorian based Lawler Farms Pty Ltd, Minyip, secured five rams to a top of $3500, to average $2500.  

Towalba offered 20 South African Meat Merino (SAMM) rams of which 10 sold to average $1125. 

SAMM rams topped at $1500 for the tag W739 ram purchased by Rob Wallace. 

It weighed 117kg with an eye muscle depth of 38 millimetres, a fat scan of 6mm and a micron of 23.9. 

The volume buyer in the SAMMs was Robertson Family Contracting, Narromine, who bought three rams for a $1083 average. 

The sale was settled by Elders with Paul Jameson as the auctioneer.

This was the last on-property sale as the Towalba Stud Partnership will have with both Warick and Garry Kopp involved. 

Through the Kopp family’s succession plan, the stud and commercial flock will be split between brothers Warick and Garry and their respective families.  

Towalba will remain with Warick and Barbara while Garry and Donna will take a portion of the property to establish their own Merino and Poll Merino stud, Towonga. 

Founders Neville and Mavis Kopp have taken a step back from the family partnership but will remain on Towalba.


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