Pomanara $1152 ave up $30

Pomanara $1152 ave up $30

James Rayner holds sale-topper, buyers Garry, Linda, Lacey and Aiden O'Reilly, Marcus Schembri, Landmark.

James Rayner holds sale-topper, buyers Garry, Linda, Lacey and Aiden O'Reilly, Marcus Schembri, Landmark.


With superfine wool stud sheep breeders finding sales a little more difficult due to wool prices and the drought, The Pomanara sale was believed to be an excellent result.


THE FIRST progeny of Rock Bank Tim, purchased in 2015, featured well in the line-up of rams at the Rayner family’s 30th annual Pomanara superfine Merino sale at Sallys Flat last Saturday with progeny heading locally and to the New England and Central Tablelands.

They included the $2000 sale-topper selling to returning clients of 10 years standing, Garry and Linda O’Reilly, Tresham, Hargraves, who purchased three rams for a $1533 average for their flock of 600 ewes of 16 micron average wool.

Of the 32 rams offered, 21 sold at auction for an average of $1152 close to $30 above last year’s average.

The O’Reilly’s top-priced purchase from the September/October 2017 drop draft was growing 15 micron wool of 100 per cent comfort factor, while their $1800 buy was a 16.2 micron two-year-old son of Yoorooga Mutrie, introduced to the Pomanara flock in 2008.

Pomanara co-principal, Geoff Rayner, said the Tresham flock produces a “good parcel of wool” each year.

This was the first year greasy fleece weights (GFW) were displayed with the top-priced ram’s GFW of 2.8 kilograms at 146 days.

Three new buyers were attracted to the sale this year with Jonathon Woods, Calga, Guyra, paying $1700 for his lone purchase, another September/October 2016 son of the Yoorooga sire growing 15.8  micron wool and GFW of 3.1kg..

Also new buyers, Warwick and Naomi Gordon of Bathurst, who paid $1350 for a 14.8  micron son of Royalla Mr Winston, purchased from the Royalla stud, Wallendbeen, in 2016, displaying a GFW of 4kg.

John Cooper, Box Hill, Trunkey, was also a first-time buyer who secured two rams, paying $1500 for a 15.2 micron son of Alfoxton President, purchased at the 2013 Australian Sheep and Wool Show, Bendigo. This rams had grown 4kg GFW.

Long-term clients from Trunkey Creek, the Johns family, who purchased their first rams in 1986, returned to secure three new sires for an $1150 average and included the $1400 Alfoxton sired 16.6 micron ram plus two rams sired by Merryville Syndicate sires.

For some 25 years the Harris family has purchased Pomanara rams at the annual sale with this year Steve and Sarah Harris returning to buy four rams for a $900 average and topping at $1200.

Their top ram by Royalla Mr Winston was growing 15.8 micron wool with a 2.7kg GFW and their flock ewe average is 17 micron producing an average 5.5kg fleece.

Mr Harris had told Geoff Rayner and agents he didn’t look too hard at rams prior to the sale as it didn’t matter which ram he bought, he knew it would be good.

Other return buyers included Ken and Josh Cameron, Walcha, who bought two rams paying to $1200, and Lance Rayner, Rosewood, Mudgee, secured two rams.

Mr Rayner said that like other stud sales this year there were several regular buyers absent due to the seasonal conditions forcing them to reduce ewe numbers and therefore ram purchases.

Alan and Geoff Rayner established Pomanara Merino Stud in 1984 on 147 Grathlyn ewes and a Hillcreston ram. Today, Geoff and his son James continue the breeding program aiming to achieve soft, fine wool with high durability.

Located in the hills between Mudgee and Bathurst and 10 kilometres from Hill End, the cool, mountainous terrain helps efforts to grow superfine, soft wool for today's wool market. 

Pomanara focuses on breeding traditional style Merino rams with microns averaging at 16.2 microns and sell both paddock and shedded rams. 

The sale was conducted by Landmark Bathurst with auctioneering duties by Marcus Schembri.


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