Straight outta Kurri Kurri: ​It’s a book about mullets

A book called Mullet features the Kurri Kurri Mulletfest

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Mullets aren’t just a hairstyle – they’re a lifestyle.


Mullets aren’t just a hairstyle – they’re a lifestyle. They’re a fashion statement and a way of seeing the world. 

Photographer Isabella Moore knows there’s more to this iconic Aussie hairdo than meets the eye.

Isabella’s book Mullet will be released on Tuesday. It features a range of photos taken at the inaugural Mulletfest, famously held in Kurri Kurri, NSW, in February this year.

Isabella was asked to cover Mulletfest for the Guardian. A publisher saw her photos and the book idea was born.

“I was thrilled to be sent to rural Newcastle to see the colour and the passion that oozed from a big bunch of mullet-wearing enthusiasts,” Isabella said. 

Isabella is a woman of the world. She’s been published in The New York Times and VICE. She’s covered stories in Russia, Brazil, Peru, France, Sweden … and Kurri.

Mulletfest was something different.

“It’s definitely an interesting social gathering of different types of people. I’m an observer – that’s why I love photography so much,” she said.

“I love to capture unexpected moments. I appreciate all cultures and backgrounds. This added to the plethora of diversity I see in culture and subcultures in my work.”

More than 800 people attended Mulletfest, which was held at the Chelmsford Hotel. It attracted worldwide media coverage. 

Isabella said it was clear that those involved were there for a good time, but also to “show off this hairstyle that tends to intrigue and baffle us all at the same time”.

Understandably, she couldn’t quite put her finger on the reasons why blokes [and some sheilas] cut their hair in the mullet-style.

“To be honest, I don’t know exactly why,” she said.

But she did say mullets were worn with pride. Some clearly felt that growing a mullet was a kind of “calling”. 

It seemed to relate to an attitude, social position and personal set of beliefs, she said. 

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