Prime Dorper Lamb Marketplace project “on hold”

PDL Marketplace project comes to a sudden halt


It was meant to be about clear sales with full traceability, but the doors have suddenly closed on the pilot project PDL Marketplace.

Customers were soon meant to be able to buy Prime Dorper Lamb directly from the producer through the electronic and live PDL Marketplace.

Customers were soon meant to be able to buy Prime Dorper Lamb directly from the producer through the electronic and live PDL Marketplace.

The Dorper industry’s first electronic live and shop-able project, Prime Dorper Lamb Marketplace, has come to a sudden halt.

The Dorper Sheep Society of Australian (DSSA) has postponed the commencement of the electronic marketplace, a pilot project in conjunction with DSSA and MLA Donor Company (MDC).

The project was originally set to be launched in September this year.

Through the site Dorper meat would have been sold directly by Dorper producers to either butchers, restaurants or customers with no middleman, no distributors, just direct clear sales with full traceability. 

But the DSSA released a statement last week saying the postponement was due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

It stated that the Dorper Sheep Society of Australia (DSSA) board had been reluctant to fund the final stage of the PDL pilot project.

“While they support the PDL project and unanimously think that PDL has a viable future, they are exploring options to best meet the needs of our members and all Dorper producers,” the statement read.

“While this comes as sad news for our team, our producers and our soon-to-be customers, we are doing this to ensure that when the system does go live we will have the best quality product for you to enjoy and are doing justice to the Prime Dorper Lamb brand.

“We care about our farmers, our customers and our earth and have made this decision because we feel it is best for everyone.”

Registrations and interest as a potential supplier or purchaser for the electronic marketplace was being sought through the DSSA website. 

DSSA president, Tim Stevenson, told Fairfax Agricultural Media the Board has temporarily put the project “on hold” with a meeting set for next Monday to discuss where the project goes from here.

“There are a few trials to be implemented, but basically we are working out the commercialisation of the project,” Mr Stevenson said.

“Once we have had the meeting and as a board discussed the preferences going forward, we will make a full announcement then.

“It is just a timing thing and we have to get everyone together to discuss it and work out how we can go forward.

“I would very much hope that it will continue on and we get this trial period up and running.” 

The story Prime Dorper Lamb Marketplace project “on hold” first appeared on Farm Online.


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