Thank a Farmer: leave your Christmas message here

Thank a Farmer: leave your Christmas message


Write your own special message to a farmer.


It has been a challenging year for our farmers, so it’s time to put a smile on their faces and send them some festive cheer.

This newspaper has united with Australian Community Media (ACM) mastheads (formerly Fairfax Media) that supported Buy A Bale fundraising campaigns to spread goodwill to our farming community.

Fill out the form below to leave a message so our farmers can read it on the Thank a Farmer online wall.

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Not sure what to say?

Why not say thanks for what they do to put food on our tables, give them hope as they continue to battle the drought or simply let them know you care. 

Here is what you’ve said so far …

Looking for other ways to help a farmer this festive season?​

Drought: Farmers across NSW have endured hardship because of the lack of rain.

Drought: Farmers across NSW have endured hardship because of the lack of rain.

Embrace the Country Card:

Make a donation to help farmers receive a $200 Country Card they can spend on anything from groceries, to animal food, services and products in their local town. This helps to keep the economy moving in country towns. 

The Country Card, which charity Rural Aid created, costs $2.50 to purchase and post, and doesn’t have any monthly fees. 

Donations as low as $25 can be made towards the card. 

To make a donation click here.

Or, make a donation to the Buy A Bale campaign as a present for a loved one this Christmas? It’s a gift that will help a drought-stricken farmer in need.

In business? Sign up to the Country Card:

Sign up, for free, to the Country Card program so farmers who have the card can spend money in your store. 

Click here to register. It’s free.


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