Sibling rivalry on display at 2019 Bega Show

Sibling rivalry on display at 2019 Bega Show

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Bega Valley people combine efforts to put on their annual three day show.


Rivalry between brothers is nothing new to the world, indeed in times past when the laws of property inheritance meant first born sons got the lot when their parents died, fratricide by younger brothers was not uncommon in some societies.

Fortunately things have changed and while rivalry might still be common among siblings, the seriousness of that rivalry is somewhat moderated these days.

Such is certainly the case for Bega brothers Ray and Peter Ubrihien, considered by some the leading poultry breeders in the region.

At this year’s Bega Show, the brothers’ names appeared on winning birds in almost equal numbers, but Ray did edge out Peter to win the Supreme Champion Poultry Exhibit of the 2019 Bega Show.

According to Peter though, brotherly pride made it feel as though it was his own win.

“We’ve been breeding poultry together all our lives from when we were just little fellas,” he said.

“We’ve always supported the show and encouraged young poultry fanciers to learn as much as they can about the different breeds, and how to prepare them for showing.

"They’ve been a great interest for Ray and me over the years.”

It was no problem for Peter to take the honours when Ray wasn’t available for a photo with the Champion Bird.

“She’s a lovely little thing isn’t she,” Peter said as he prepared his brother’s bantam hen for the photo shoot.

“A perfect little lady, eh? I couldn’t be happier if she was mine!”

Elsewhere about the show two other brothers have been working together over the years to produce some very fine commercial cattle, this year – and not for the first time – taking out Most Successful Exhibitor in the commercial cattle judging.

Identical twin brothers John and David Cullen operate as the Cullen Brothers around Bemboka, breed Limousin cross cattle and are no strangers to the show ring.

“We’ve been working to breed good livestock for a long time,” David said as he collected the winner’s sash and prize.

“It’s really rewarding to get recognition for the work we put into the venture.”

Other siblings worthy of mention are the Nesbitt sisters from Cooma who breed Charolais cattle at their stud near Cooma.

Sarah and Grace Nesbitt have made something of a name for themselves since establishing Curragundi Charolais Stud only a few years ago.

“We’ve always loved the breed,” older sister Sarah said.

“They’re gentle giants with lovely temperaments that make them relatively easy to handle.

"We want them to become better known as a breed so that’s been our focus and much of our intention in showing them.”

Winning Supreme Beef Exhibit of the 2019 Bega Show with Curragundi Pedro was a particular delight for the girls.

“We love our animals whatever they do, but winning supreme is really special and tells us that we’re ticking all the right boxes. It’s great!”

There’s nothing like a country show for people to share their achievements, whether it’s livestock showing, cheese making, beer brewing, beekeeping or flower growing and arranging to name just few.

After what for many has been a relatively tough summer, Bega Valley people certainly made the effort to give their annual three day event the best they could, and they achieved it in spades.


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