Hicks Beef bull buyers return for more

Hicks Beef bull sale tops at $6500

Top price bull buyer Brett Gale, Waratah Bay, Victoria, with Tom and Hennie Hicks of  Hicks Beef.

Top price bull buyer Brett Gale, Waratah Bay, Victoria, with Tom and Hennie Hicks of Hicks Beef.


A Red Composite bull from Hicks Beef has topped their annual sale.


Bidding was beefed up at the Hicks Beef bull sale on Thursday at Annandayle South in Holbrook where 32 of the 49 bulls were sold for a $4578 average and $6500 top for a Red Composite bull.

Fresh off the back of their top three finish in Australia's largest commercial feedlot trial, the Beef Spectacular Feedback Trial, the Hicks family saw pleasing results at their annual sale.

The top price bull was the 18-month-old homozygous polled Red Composite bull in ABC N749.

The son of CDI Rimrock 325Z had estimated progeny difference figures for marbling at 0.47 with a yearling weight of 91.4 kilograms. 

He was purchased by Victorian buyer Brett Gale of Waratah Bay. 

Mr Gale runs a self replacing herd of 600 composite cows with his steers and heifers turned off to the Swifts Great Southern Credit program and Coles Grazed Grass Fed program.

As a repeat buyer of Hicks genetics, Mr Gale had seen first hand their positive impact on his herd with steers entered in Lardner Steer trial commended for their cacase traits.

Commenting on the top price bull, Mr Gale said the bull was big, attractive and free moving, showing the growth and muscle of his figures.

"We were looking for an outcross bull along with a homozgous poll," he said. 

Mr Gale also secured the top price Red Angus bull, Hicks Henry N150, for $5500. A total of seven Red Angus bulls averaged $4643. 

Additionally, six of 15 Red Composite bulls were sold to average $4750 while in the black Australian Beef Composite bull offering, 19 of 24 bulls sold to average $4500.

The $6000 top price in the black offering was recorded twice for ABC N969, a son of Hooks Xavier14X, to JB and E Beechcroft, Kangaroo Valley, and a heterozygous polled bull, ABC N518, purchased by Haven Park Enterprises, Wando Vale, Vic.

Holbrook Elders agent Phil Gledhill was operating for AuctionsPlus buyers who were bidding strongly throughout the sale. 

Hicks Beef co-principal Tom Hicks was extremely happy with the way the bulls presented in the current season conditions and was happy with the sale outcome during this time. 

The auction was conducted by Elders, with Joe Wilks calling the bids.


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