Discover the future of food today

Discover the future of food today

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All eyes will be on Sydney's Cockatoo Island today (March 28), where leading producers and industry trailblazers from around the world will converge for the Farm2Fork Summit.


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All eyes will be on Sydney's Cockatoo Island today (March 28), where leading producers and industry trailblazers from around the world are amassing for an international summit to explore thought-provoking ideas and innovative solutions essential for the future vitality and sustainability of the food and agri sector.

The Farm2Fork Summit, organised by Rabobank, will reveal the fascinating future that lies ahead for the sector thanks to the incredible progress being made in areas like ag tech, sustainability, food waste reduction, alternative foods, production methods and more.

While this unique, one-day event is invitation only, live streaming on the day means that everyone has the chance to take a peek. Go to and start watching from 8.30am.

This morning, there's a 2-hour live stream of a series of seven interviews with food and agri experts. Hosted by the Head of RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness - Australia & New Zealand, Tim Hunt, the interviews will cover everything from consumers choices for a better world and overcoming sustainability challenges to the impact of technology on land prices.

For those who miss the interviews, the whole segment will be replayed later in the morning.

In the afternoon, the live streaming will turn to expert speakers on the Farm2Fork main stage, with Mr Hunt conducting a series of speaker interviews covering:

The vision for the future of agriculture, the truth about sustainable farming practices and why waste is really a commodity.

What needs to, and what will, change in food and agri to ensure continued viability of the industry and succession of future farmers.

What can we do to better manage the resources and assets we have? What are the opportunities for innovation in the spaces we're already invested in?

Speakers to dive into the topics will include:

  • Professor David Lindenmayer, an Australian scientist and academic with expertise in landscape ecology, conservation and biodiversity.
  • Krista Watkins, a leader in agricultural innovation and the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Natural Evolution, a company specializing in green banana and other waste produce products.
  • Dr Stefan Hajkowicz, a senior principal scientist working in the field of strategic foresight at CSIRO.
  • Nick Fereday, a Senior Analyst on Consumer Foods, with RaboResearch in North America.
  • Professor Toby Walsh, a world-renowned professor on artificial intelligence at the University of South Wales and Data61.
  • Professor Veena Sahajwalla, an internationally recognised materials scientist, engineer and inventor revolutionising recycling science.
  • And, Lisa Martin, the General Manager of Sustainability for the Sanford Group, New Zealand's largest and most diverse seafood business.

For those who can't catch any of the action during the day, the live streaming sessions will be replayed through the night.

So don't delay and make sure to stay tuned at

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