'We'll go big on climate': memo from Kean

Memo shows Environment Minister will pursue big climate goals

Matt Kean, at right, being sworn in as the new Energy and Environment Minister.

Matt Kean, at right, being sworn in as the new Energy and Environment Minister.


Kean on climate change: decisive action


The new NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean has clearly stamped where he wants to head saying dealing with climate change will be a top priority in the new Berejiklian-Barilaro government.

Meantime, The Land can confirm the only name change in the shake-up in the agriculture portfolio will mean the new minister, Adam Marshall, will be known as the Minister for Agriculture, while his department will remain as the Department of Primary Industries.

Mr Marshall held his first news conference in Orange this week, where he attacked animal activists for trespassing on farms.

Meantime, his colleague Matt Kean has signalled his intentions in a leaked memo, obtained by The Land.

In the memo to departmental staff, Mr Kean says: "Let me be very clear from the outset that I am determined to take decisive and responsible action on climate change and ensure we protect our unique natural environment.

"We have some big challenges ahead, but together I am confident we can do this and ensure our community has access to energy that is affordable and reliable. I firmly believe that we have a responsibility to hand the next generation a planet that is in a better state than the one we inherited."

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Energy has been added to the Environment portfolio.

He tells staff: "I understand the recent changes to the structure of the public service announced by the Premier are at the forefront of people's minds. I have asked the senior leadership team to provide certainty to those affected as soon as possible. Bringing the Energy and Environment portfolios together will help us tackle challenges such as climate change more holistically, whilst continuing the important and complex work we already do." 

Some may question how far the new Berejiklian government may go as it was revealed last month that the Premier Gladys Berejiklian watered down climate action.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that  when the previous Baird Government prepared sweeping climate change policies to decarbonise the state's economy, Mrs Berejiklian shelved the plans when she became Premier.

The SMH said the program included a proposal to "embed climate change consideration into government decision making", and was developed with the help of the Climate Change Council.


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