Show continues country-city connection for high school students

Parramatta High School Students strengthen their connection to Gilgandra at the Easter Show.

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Parramatta High School students have a tour of the Western District Exhibit at The Royal Sydney Easter Show.

Parramatta High School students have a tour of the Western District Exhibit at The Royal Sydney Easter Show.


High school students given an insight into where food comes from at the District Exhibits.


The Sydney Royal Easter Show is an opportunity for the city and country to intermingle and for Parramatta High School students it has formed part of their continued connection to Gilgandra. 

Last year, Parramatta High's Justice League students donated more than $10,000 to Gilgandra High School for drought relief and twenty students visited the town last November to see the effects of drought for themselves. For many it was their first trip to the country. 

Parramatta High Student, Vithika Parashar said, "it made us realise as city kids that we shouldn't take things for granted."

To say thank you for the visit and donation, Gilgandra community members organised for the students to attend the Easter Show and have a behind-the-scenes tour of the Western District Exhibit. 

Western District Exhibit designer and Gilgandra High teacher, Margaret Windeyer said she wanted the experience to show students the importance of farmers. 

"I hope they get a tiny bit of insight into what goes into making these exhibits and how much everybody's lives revolve around what farmers produce," Mrs Windeyer said.  

Parramatta school teacher and former Gilgandra resident, David Charters, said seeing the produce on exhibit made students think about where their food comes from. 

"They go to the supermarket, they've never seen, cows and sheep and how things are made," Mr Charters said.  

The District Exhibition winners will be announced on Saturday morning in the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome but the Western District already has the vote from Parramatta students.

"I'm shocked, it's so nice I think it's got to win," said Ms Parashar.

Gilgandra High students plan to visit Parramatta High School in June to experience the city.


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