How three Blayney boys turned their stud into an internationally renowned brand

How three boys from Blayney turned their family stud into an internationally renowned brand

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The increased demand for farm to table produce has allowed Rosedale to transform itself from a small family cattle stud into an award winning internationally renowned producer of self branded beef.


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With issues around factory farming hitting the headlines more and more frequently, there is an increased demand for ethically sourced, high quality farm to table produce, especially in the foreign beef market.

It is this very trend which has allowed Rosedale to transform itself from a small family cattle stud into an award winning internationally renowned producer of self branded beef.

What started as a joint venture between Millner Brothers James and Rob and their cousin Sam McNiven six and a half years ago, is today a growing international enterprise.

Each month, they ship more than 150 tonnes of "Rosedale Ruby" beef to regions including South East Asia, Japan, China, Singapore, the Middle East and Europe.

Their products have garnered multiple international awards and have become so popular that they are currently looking for other producers to help them meet the ever growing demand.

However, when it comes to potential partners in the supply chain, the trio are looking close to home. That's why they're offering their clients - who are already breeding with their strong genetics - the opportunity to come in with them.

More importantly, with a bull sale coming up on Friday, May 24, it could be an opportunity for other producers to make a valuable contact.

Established in the late 1960s by Rob Millner Snr and his son Michael, it was one of the first Charolais studs in Australia.

The property has a long history of producing top quality stock, which continues to this day, where the boys now employ AI and the best genetics to breed their cattle. At the sale they will part with 50 Charolais Bulls and 30 Composite Bulls.

They currently sell 600 to 800 head of cattle a month into the commercial market to keep up with the growing demand.

While some producers might let the success go to their head, James says "you can't get too carried away with that type of stuff" and continues on a day to day basis to focus on the task at hand.

While his cousin Sam trots the globe, selling their product to their eager customer base, he knows that their bread and butter is quality. That's why, he says, they are so selective when bringing new producers on board.

All of their cattle are raised on the pristine pastures across their family farmland and grain finished for about 110 days on a proprietary blend of natural grains, to maximise flavour, tenderness, marbling and nutrition.

Every cut of Rosedale Ruby is A+ premium grade free-range beef, coming from their herd of young of award-winning prime Angus-Charolais cattle. All of their animals are less than 36 months of age and 100 per cent hormone and chemical free.

While their story is somewhat of a feel good story - and one most producers could look at and consider emulating - Mr Millner knows first hand how much work has gone into the venture.

Mr McNiven is on the road full time selling their product, he explained, while he and his brother work around the clock to fulfill their end of the supply chain.

While all three have a great hopes for the future the company, for the moment, they are focused on producing the best products they can and continuing to grow.

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Story sponsored by Rosedale.