Davidson Cameron & Co announces major acquisition

Davidson Cameron & Co announces major acquisition

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Advertiser content: Ruralco's Future Farming strategy of investing in high yielding agency businesses in Australia with the acquisition by Davidson Cameron & Co of Burke & Smyth Stock and Station Agents.


This is advertiser content for Ruralco.

Davidson Cameron & Co have acquired one of New England's most respected livestock and rural property agencies - Burke & Smyth Stock and Station Agents.

Originally established in 1971 by Terry Burke and John Smyth, B&S is a stock and station agency business based in Tamworth and is operated by Terry's son, Simon Burke, and his wife Tanya. B&S have a large footprint in the region and carry a loyal base of clients.

DCC General Manager, Luke Scicluna, said the move would deliver long-term benefits for both businesses and their valued customers while bolstering DCC's existing rural property and real estate business.

"At DCC, we're always looking for quality people and businesses. I believe Simon will deliver strong outcomes for the clients of everyone involved," he said.

Cultural fit the catalyst for alliance

With Simon wanting to focus more on the rural property sales space, DCC - backed by the Ruralco Property brand - offered the perfect opportunity, according to Luke.

"After early discussions, we both knew pretty quickly that the move was a good cultural fit and would provide an opportunity for Simon to move into the rural property sales space," he said.

"Simon's local knowledge of the area and his strong reputation as a quality agent will allow us to continue to offer our clients all aspects of agency sales from livestock to rural property."

For Simon, a born and bred Tamworth resident, it was a like-minded approach to rural property and livestock agency as well as a good personal relationship between himself and Luke Scicluna, that culminated in an eventual alliance.

"I think both sides of the business saw a lot of merit in what we could do together, and the ball just got rolling from there," he said.

"I knew Luke even before he came into the DCC business in Gunnedah and we have enjoyed a good working relationship with each other over the years. I have a lot of respect for him and what he does."

Accomplished agent brings great team

Simon will be supported by Chris Gooch, a 30-year-old livestock agent who won the New South Wales ALPA Young Auctioneers Competition in 2015. Chris joined B&S from a local competitor.

Simon said that Chris would offer DCC clients an enjoyable sales experience which came down to meeting their needs at every level of a sale.

"Chris is a very approachable young agent. He has a great personality, is always very jovial but at the same time, considers his clients first before anything else," he said.

"Whether it's buying them a pen of cattle or making a competitive deal, he's always forward thinking when it comes to meeting the needs of his clients and is always looking for an opportunity to increase our customer base even further."

Chris will assume responsibility of Simon's existing livestock clients with the assistance of the DCC livestock agency team while Simon will be employed as Rural Property Sales Consultant. Both will be based at the Tamworth office.

Burke & Smyth embrace 'forward thinking' team

DCC's long-standing reputation with the backing of Ruralco was a big factor for Simon when he originally considered making the move.

"The biggest thing I noticed about Davidson Cameron & Co and Ruralco is the fact that they are a well-respected, strong, private agency with a corporate backing; that's what appealed to me most," he said.

"I'm looking forward to working with a bigger team that are forward thinking. I know it will be a positive thing to be a part of and I'm excited to put my stamp on things where I can."

Customers the big winners

Simon reassured his customers that the transaction would deliver benefits for all involved.

"I want our clients to know that it is a good move for them too, and I think that as an agency, DCC offer a great product. I'm very confident that they're going to be well looked after; that's what is most important to me during the transition."

Acknowledging B&S's existing base of loyal customers, Luke expressed a strong desire to continue the level of service they receive after crossing over.

"We're very focussed on making sure the level of service Burke and Smyth have given their loyal clients over the years will continue under the DCC banner," he said.

"Nothing is really changing in terms of the people they are dealing with and hopefully we can even increase their offering through financial services and our large network of livestock agents."

The takeover of B&S is in line with Ruralco's Future Farming strategy of investing in high yielding agency businesses in Australia.

Davidson Cameron & Co have 11 offices covering the northwest of New South Wales, specialising in livestock, property, real estate, insurance and financial services.

This is advertiser content for Ruralco.