Steers sell to $1150 at Yass weaner sale

Steers sell to $1150 at Yass weaner sale


Yarding was smaller but prices were up at Yass weaner sale.


There was a significantly smaller yarding of 2901 cattle at Friday's special weaner sale at SELX Yass with numbers down by 3295 head on the last weaner sale in April.

But, the cattle that were there were of very good quality and prices were $100 to $120 a head dearer with strong local support and representation from Victorian buyers.

1830 steers sold for an average of $730.27 and a high of $1150, while 1053 heifers averaged $521.89, topping at $775.

Ben Seaman from Elders Goulburn said results were better than expected.

"Most of the heavier steers, from 270-300 kilograms, made from $3.10 right up to $3.45 a kilo so around that $900 to $980 mark which is 10 to 15 cents better than expectation and 30 to 40 cents dearer than last sale," Mr Seaman said.

He said heifers sold from around 60 to 70 cents more than the last weaner sale.

Phil Butt of Butt Livestock and Property said it was a very good sale considering that although the region had seen good rain, feed was yet to grow.

The top pens in both the steers and heifers was offered by Martin and Nerida Croker of Rosevale, Fullerton.

MD & JJ Anderson sold their 25, 386kg, July-drop Angus steers for $1150 and Michael Hall Livestock and Property sold their 10, 328kg Angus heifers for $775.

Martin Croker said they run around 50 cows with Kenny's Creek and Karoo bloodlines and mostly sell privately.

The Merriman family from Yass was the volume vendor of the day with 650 cattle yarded. Their cattle attracted the second highest prices in both the steers and heifers.

They sold nine, 371kg August-drop Angus steers for $1005 to Elders Boorowa and in the heifers, their pen of 49, 275kg Angus were named best presented heifers and sold for $730.

Steve and Judy Merriman run their properties Ravensworth and Humewood alongside their son Matt and his wife Emma.

Steve said their black steers all made 320 to 360c/kg and that the results from the sale were down to his son's management program during the last few years.

"It means we don't have to worry about taking them through the winter now, they're off and we can concentrate on looking after their mothers", Mr Merriman said.

"The calves are all gone except the 150 odd top heifers we kept."

The Foley family of Wheeo Pty Ltd, Willow Bank, Crookwell were awarded best presented steers of the sale with their 22, 312kg, Angus which, sold to Elders Boorowa for $985.

In the lighter cattle, Angus steers under 200kg in the D2 class averaged 295c/kg while C2 Angus steers weighing between 200 to 280kg averaged 324c/kg to a top of 343c/kg.

D1 Angus heifers under 200kg made 217c/kg on average and C2 heifers weighing between 200 to 280kg averaged 263c/kg to a top of 284c/kg.

In other breeds, heavy Black Baldy steers averaged 295c/kg while Black Baldy C2 heifers between 200-280kg averaged 262c/kg.

A line of 10, Charolais steers offered by Truscot Pty Ltd and weighing approximately 320kg sold for $975, heavy European Cross steers averaging 263c/kg.

Mr Butt said the Herefords were the breed that took the hit at the sale.

C2 Hereford steers weighing 200-280kg averaged 279c/kg while a line of 17 Poll Hereford steers offered by D.B Whyte and P.A. Kelly, weighing 295kg made $825.

A line of heavy Hereford heifers made 218c/kg.

The sale was conducted by SELX Foundation agents.


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