Yarding numbers still increasing in Central

Yarding numbers still increasing in Central


Larger saleyard offerings are predicted to continue right through to an eventual break in this drought.

A pen of 24 Angus heifers which sold for 264.2c/kg by Plasto and Company, on behalf of the Guild family, Geurie, at Dubbo prime cattle sale last week.

A pen of 24 Angus heifers which sold for 264.2c/kg by Plasto and Company, on behalf of the Guild family, Geurie, at Dubbo prime cattle sale last week.

Yardings within the region have continued to increase in numbers in the past week in the majority of centres and may continue until a definite break in the drought occurs.

At Dubbo last Thursday numbers increased by 1500-plus to total 5375 head many of which were lacking in condition.

Ross Plasto of Plasto and Company, Wellington, estimated close to a third of the yarding had any condition.

"Drought affected stock continue to be presented, however feeder cattle over 330 to 340 kilograms were selling alright," he said. Larger yardings may continue until a big break in this drought.

National Livestock Reporting Service (NLIS) recorded C3 score vealer steers weighing 330kg-plus ranged from 266c/kg to 290c/kg while mvealer heifers sold from 258c/kg to 260c/kg.

Young cattle up to 8c/kg cheaper while feeder steers were firm.

Yearling steers 400kg-plus C3 made from 272c/kg to 300c/kg with heifers 190c/kg to 240c/kg.

Grown steers overall were 12c/kg cheaper, 400-500kg, C3, 255c/kg to 272c/kg while 500kg-plus made 220c/kjg to 275c/kg. Heifers C3 up to 540kg made 196c/kg to 207c/kg.

Cows also in mainly plain condition were from 9c/kg to 13c/kg cheaper with better C3 and C4 scores selling from 159c/kg to 234c/kg.

Bill Lawson of McDonald Lawson, Mudgee, said numbers almost double at the weekly prime sale last Wednesday attracting 860 head.

"It was one of the best yardings we've seen for a long time with vealers presenting in outstanding condition," he said.

Vealer 280kg sold from 260c/kg to 318.6c/kg while young steers 280kg to 370kg made from 255c/kg to 318.2c/kg and 370kg to 440kg 250c/kg to 318.2c/kg. Young heifers 280kg to 370kg 210c/kg to 275c/kg; 370kg to 440kg 230c/kg to 292.2c/kg.

Steers 440kg to 550kg sold from 230c/kg to 293.2c/kg while 550kg-plus steers fetched 220c/kg to 298.2c/kg. Export heifers 440kg-plus made 215c/kg to 286.2c/kg.

Medium cows 140c/kg to 222.2c/kg while heavy cows sold from 140c/kg to 229.6c/kg.

Numbers also lifted at Monday's Forbes weekly sale with 1912 head yarded meeting a fairly steady market.

MLA reported yearlings made the majority of the market.

C3 vealer steers 280kg to 330kg fetched 270c/kg while heifer os the same condition made 24oc/kg.

Yearling steers 330kg to 400kg C3 sold at 280c/kg while 400kg-plus ranged from 241c/kg to 313c/kg. C3 yearling heifer 400kg-plus 234c/kg to 276c/kg.

Grown steers 500kg to 600kg made 270c/kg to 280c/kg while heifers up to 540kg made 215c.kg.

Cows 400kg-520kg C3 sold from 185c/kg to 194c/kg while 520kg-plus cows sold from 195c/kg to 225c/kg.

Tuesday's Scone market attracted 722 head in a slightly increased yarding and majority of cattle showed a better finish.

However, MLA reported no joy for producers as most drafts of younger cattle decreased in price by as much as 20c/kg to 40c/kg.

Vealer steers 280kg to 330kg C3 from 254c/kg to 265c/kg while 300kg-plus made from 256c/kg to 265c/kg. while vealer heifers same weights 220c/kg to 260c/kg and 260c/kg to 275c/kg.

C3 yearling steers 400kg-plus made 278c/kg and heifers 330kg to 400kg 1988c/kg to 198c/kg.

Grown heifers 540kg-plus sold at 225c/kg while cows also declined in values 400kg to 520kg C3 making 170c/kg to 205c/kg and 520kg-plus 180c/kg to 206c/kg.

Carcoar on Tuesday attracted 3500 head down 100 on last week but with a good selection of young feeder cattle and some well-finished trade cattle. Cows made up about 30 per cent of the offering, according to MLA.


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