Tough season can't take gloss off high lamb prices

Prices for extra-heavy prime lambs surge ahead at Wagga market


International buying strength for quality lambs drives market strength.


THESE lambs won't see the supermarket shelves in the Riverina but all the same they have earned their vendors some well-deserved cash.

In what is a tough season with dry times and little rain prices for extra-heavy lambs, destined for overseas markets, shot ahead by about $20 at Wagga.

Prices topped at $315 on two occasions. And another excellent pen made $311. The prices were indicative of the demand for top-quality lambs, weighing 38kg to 40kg dressed, to send to international markets.

Livestock agent and auctioneer Joe Wilks was taking the bids when the first pen of lambs made $315. He said the market had certainly picked up in recent weeks.

He said it was good to see the vendors being rewarded. He said to get lambs to these heavy weights and presented well cost a lot of money and was a timely and costly process.

Kathryn Moss of Kamarah was thrilled when her extra-heavy lambs made $315. She said the second-cross lambs had been finished in a feedlot. Riverina Livestock Agents (RLA) also sold lambs for the same price of $315 with auctioneer James Tierney taking the bids.

Gordon Rodham, "Cranbrook," Uranquinty was pleased with the $311 his lambs made. Mr Rodham is no stranger for attracting high prices with his lambs. His lambs have broken several records in the past.


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