Mental health gets $8m new spend

More farmgate counsellors as drought bites inside and out

More farmgate counsellors.

More farmgate counsellors.


Youth win their own drought summit


The NSW Government will boost the number of farmgate counsellors as part of a $8.2m package to confront mental health issues during the drought.

It has also announced there will be a State Youth drought summit.

Mental Health Minister Bronnie Taylor said the mental health package would include additional funding for mental health drought support workers, known as "farmgate counsellors".

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"This boost will help farmers build community resilience, and provide support services and wellbeing initiatives they can relate to," said Mrs Taylor.

"Rural communities are full of proud, resilient people who may not want to admit they are struggling and are reluctant to seek help, but these conditions are causing significant distress for many people, placing their mental health at risk.

"Counsellors are working closely with people in regional communities helping them remain focused on getting through these tough conditions. The NSW Government will continue to do everything it can to support our regional farmers."

There will also be funding for mental health services in Aboriginal communities.(The Government is also spending $50m on upgrading road networks and links to aboriginal communities.) Funding would also go towards expanding community events and a State-wide youth drought summit.

The Government has set-up a new Office of Regional Youth.


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