Who's opening their gates for Southern Beef Week 2019?

Southern Beef Week 2019 maps and studs


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The Land's Ausmectin Southern Beef Week kicks off on July 29 with more than 40 studs open across the seven day event.

A range of breeds will be showcased as part of the week and if you are thinking of heading along, here's all the information you should need.

DAY ONE: Seven studs are opening their gates on day one, Monday July 29. On show will be Composites/Red Angus, Angus, Poll Herefords, and Herefords.

DAY TWO: Five studs will showcase Angus, Simmental, and Black Simmental during day two of Southern Beef Week, Tuesday, July 30.

DAY THREE: Five studs are open across three different locations on Wednesday, July 31, the third day of Southern Beef Week. Fleckvieh, Brangus and Speckle Park will all be on display.

DAY FOUR: Seven studs are open on Thursday, August 1, showcasing Angus, Murray Grey, Charolais, and Red Angus cattle.

DAY FIVE: Angus, Poll Hereford and Speckle Park cattle will be on show on day five, Friday August 2, across five studs.

DAY SIX: The biggest day of the week takes place on Saturday, August 3, with 10 studs open across nine sites. Angus, Black Simmental, Poll Herefords, Speckle Park and Fleckvieh will all be on display.

DAY SEVEN: Four studs showcasing Angus, Poll Hereford and Black Simmental will be open on the final day of Southern Beef Week, Sunday, August 4.


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